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By Dallas-Kenneth Hills
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There is no doubt that Facebook is the king of social network, present today with over 1 billion active users. This network had made $3 billions in their first quarter of their working. After going through many information about Facebook, that the whole team depends on users activity and the content they share. But by sharing all these information no one is going to get any rewards or anything from them.

So in my point of view, it was the best place to stay in touch with family and friends, to stay current with world wide events as may of us know mainstream media is a joke.

Social media has allowed over a billion people to connect in an organize on political corruption, promote products though it and have huge number of users all over the world. Other than this, its a waste of time to be active on it. Do you agree with me?

So some new social networking network should arrive soon, as expected recently Ello the invite system based social media was launched and going without any issues. But here also, users get in return is nothing! Don’t worry guys! Here we got a new social network which pays to the users!

Like the Ello social network, this new invite-only social network named as Tsu may be the best solution for these cases. Tsu is ready to pay to their active users as well as for inviting their friends to join TSU. Still more things are behind this social networking sites.

So this post is gonna to discuss about Tsu features, and more.

Wanna to know more about Tsu, The Payable Social Network? Here we goes…

TSu’s Philosophy:

TSu rewards to the users or content they share regularly on their platform. TSu gives 90% of the revenue to users for generating the content and the other 10% is for the Tsu network.

That too, the ten percentage will be from their ads they shown up in users content for one day. From this the 50% of the share goes to the users and 50% to the shares using the rule of infinte thirds.

The user who recruited the content owner gets 1/3 and the one who recruited that users will get 1/9 at all. By following this system, it will be repeated and continued

So you need to post to be engaged to earn more and I’m sure that you will get many followers so that your post gonna go viral!

As I mentioned above, they are going to pay for each person whom you make to join this platform with your username/shortcodes. This is Tom J Kennedy's short code:

In short, its an referral system. Here you can share articles, photos, videos and more. For everything you will be paid.

The best part here is, TSu will also pays you for content hosted on their platforms.

So you can share your YouTube monetized video here and earn more. Still now the minimum payout is set to be $100, once you reach you can cash it out.

What do you feel about TSu? It looks like a Content Monetization network similar to Social network?

How to Join TSu?

As Tsu is an invite only social network, you need some shortcodes of the previously register Tsu users. With their shortcodes you can create an account for yours and to start earning through Tsu simply by sharing content. You can find many TSu followers sharing their shortcodes to get more users under them. If you want you can use Tom J Kennedy's

As its a new social network, more features to be added. As like other social network, TSu was also dressed up with all basic features and with some extra features as bonus.

TSu allows the users to share their revenue/money with other users or merchants by charging 3% of the amount you share with them. Anyway it seems to be a good feature and other is making the users spend more on TSu platform.

Users can post their content or anything to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter by connecting their TSu account with them. So this will be the best idea to make users to active more in TSu network.

Hope you might have got some idea about, Tsu the monetizing social network! This got all things as a social networking site which is added up with content monetization feature. That will be great to all! Mostly users who will benefit the most who have huge followers can make money on TSu. Here are some tips to earn more from TSu

#1 Keep sharing great content, your blog posts, YouTube videos and more.
#2 Always be active and make sure you connected the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.,
#3 Share your Tsu Shortcode in popular blogs, Facebook groups just like promoting your affiliate product.
#4 Get more followers and Never Give Up on your Work!

Finally we got the best competitor for Facebook or the best alternative for Facebook Network What do you think about TSu? Share your thoughts in comments below.

Please shares this post with your friends and allow them to earn from this new social networking site. See you soon everyone

The future has changed for all of us to benefit , TSu! Good Luck! Cheers

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