Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nourishing Broths by Agape Gardens

By Dasha and Sebastien

We have been long standing fans of Nourishing Broths (Sally Fallon) and Nourishing Infusions (Susun Weed). It's quiet an intricate process to make a good broth or the right amount of infusion. Not everybody has the time, but everybody should benefit from these phenomenally healing foods. So we decided to make a little bit more than we usually make for ourselves and OFFER the surplus to YOU!

We make our broths following guidelines outlined by the Weston A. Price foundation. We choose locally raised free ranging chicken, beef and lamb. To make a broth we simmer bones for about 24 hour period. This allows for all minerals and cartilage to dissolve into a thick soup broth. 

The health benefits of consuming Nourishing broths are outlined in Sally Fallon's books Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Broths - which have become fundamental in establishing good health for many people. In our experience, nourishing broths have created a foundation for our strong physical health as farmers, mental clarity, ability to rear children and all around lead a very active life! 

Nourishing infusions are made by using one ounce of dried herb to a 1 litre of boiling water steeped overnight. This again allows for the minerals and nutrients to be dissolved in water into a bio available form for our body. We attribute our fast recovery from three child births, decreased back and muscle pains and overall agility to our daily consumption of nourishing infusions. 

As farmers we attribute nutrient-density of medicinal plants to their deep strong roots that pull minerals from deep soils (as oppose to most commonly consumed plants such as lettuces, tomatoes, etc.). To learn more about healing infusions please listen to an online women's health radio show with Susun Weed on blog talk radio either every Tuesday night or archived past episodes. 

Available for sale your choice of Chicken Broth, Beef Broth, Fish Broth and Nourishing Infusions (nettle, comfrey, red clover, linden, oatstraw, red raspberry). We use only well or spring water. Product comes in a 1 litre Mason Jar - $10 each. Use the broth as a nutrient dense stock for your meals, or enjoy it on its own.

We deliver to Ottawa once a week with drop off locations in Stittsville, Kanata, Westboro and Alta Vista.

Contact: AGAPE GARDENS by email plantfood4life @ or 
Phone: 1-613-552-2782.

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