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Big Ticket Sales vs. Little Ticket Autoship…Is Network Marketing Dead?

Robert Blackman

NOTE: Active SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs would most likely prefer this title:
Big Ticket sales vs. Little Ticket Autoship…Is the SDI Profession Dead?

Numerous "Big Ticket Sales" have emerged - seeking a niche target market of wealthy entrepreneurs - in the SDI Profession as we progress into this 21st Century, BUT this article by Robert Blackman brings the key focus back to "Little Ticket Autoship" - because that's where the mass market really is AND that's really where the future of the SDI Profession is.

Big Ticket Sales vs. Little Ticket Autoship…Is Network Marketing Dead?

By Robert Blackman

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” - John D. Rockerfeller - 1885

It’s easy to criticize the normal 5% residual income most Network Marketer’s earn.

It’s easy to say I can make $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 of a one-time sale and that it’s BETTER than building a traditional downline where you only make 5%.

But, let’s look at some realistic marketing facts beyond the typical conversation:

(1) Big ticket sales are not residual. They are a nice boost to your bank account, but once you spend the $5,000 Mary Jane, from Des Moines, took out of her IRA to fund your vacation and bank account, Mary Jane is broke. Unless, of course, she can find someone else to rob their IRA or max out their credit card to give her $5,000…which, by the way, just makes Mary Jane break even, she’s not in profit yet. Especially, if she has to pass some of those sales upline.

(2) Big ticket sales are not immoral. This isn’t a moral issue. It’s a marketing one, plain and simple. I know many, many friends who sell big ticket items. In fact, I sell them.

Here’s my marketing funnel:
- Free ebook
- $9.95 trial for 30 days
- $99.95 monthly membership
- $100 coaching for one hour
- $197 MLM Mastery Course
- $497 coaching for 30 days
- $997 coaching for 12 months
- $4,997 coaching for two days in person
- $10,000 to $25,000 monthly fees to coach CEO’s to turn their marketing around.

Yes, it takes 50 people at $99.95 to equal one $4,997 sale. I get that. That’s why I do both. But, not everyone can afford $4,997, right?

I do both. I do both. I do both.

(3) I love 5% deals. Why? Because it causes time freedom once you get them going. Do I want to be pitching a $5,000 deal when I’m 80 just to pay my bills? Heck no. I want a nice residual income where I have tons of leaders under me and I’ve spread my risk out among several lines of sponsorship.

(4) I don’t see a big ticket, digital company on the DSA’s Top 100 List (yet). It may happen, but I doubt it will. And, if it does get there, it will probably spike in sales and then fall back. Why? Because there are only so many Mary Jane’s who have access to $5,000. Traditional business owners might have it. CEO’s of MLM’s have it. But, the average salary in the USA in 2012 was 44,321.67. Not a lot of wiggle room for an extra $5k there.

(5) All the top 100 MLM’s do warm marketing. I’m sorry internet guys/gals who say you don’t have to talk to anyone or that warm marketing is dead…you are DEAD WRONG and I have the facts to back that up…it’s not only my opinion, but it’s a fact. Go find your all digital, non warm marketing MLM on this list and please show it to me and correct me. If I’m wrong, I’ll be more than happy to admit it.


Sorry, but Amway is #1 with $11.3 Billion. Yet, warm marketing is dead? Come on, get real. Stop saying that to sell your traffic courses. Stop saying that to sell your landing page programs. Stop saying that to sell your “generate your own leads” deals. Stop saying that to sell your big ticket items. Stop it. You are either miss-informed, or your are just lying.

Now, is it “too early” to say that all-digital or big ticket or 100% deals MAY make the list someday? Sure, it’s early. And, sure they might get on there. But, I don’t see anyone breaking any records. Look at the list. Read it out loud on your next conference call that touts “Warm Marketing is Dead."

And, stop bashing 5% deals and these top 100 companies to just build up your deal. Without them, you wouldn’t have a market to piss in. So, grow up, get the facts, and be a common sense marketer. If you are going to live by the sword, you will one day die by the sword (I’m living proof of that). Do both ethically.

Warm Marketing is not dead. It’s alive and well. Yes, you can make money driving traffic and living behind a computer screen…but that’s not duplicatable and that’s just a very good paying career.

It’s marketing.
It’s not Network Marketing.
Big difference.

Both work. That’s why I’ve learned to MERGE them both!

I know lots of people who couldn’t make it in a 5% deal or wouldn’t stay long enough to make it. I know the stories…I’ve heard them all.

I’m okay with a guy or gal making $100,000 in a non 5% traditional Network Marketing deal.
This is America, congrats!
But, it’s not Network Marketing.

And, it’s NOT better than Network Marketing, or else you’d be on the Top 100 list already.
Do the math…look at the current math.

Technology is great, but the masses have $100 not $5,000…you have a limited market, so the math doesn’t add up.

Again, I do both.
But, stop saying 5% is dead.
Stop saying 5% doesn’t work.

You look stupid, silly and uninformed by everyone. Say you do both and that both work, then more will embrace your marketing. But, there is a big difference between Marketing and Network Marketing. Merge them…don’t bash the differences!

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