Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Timely Challenge to Successful SDI Entrepreneurs

Today I received this message from Martin Pytela - owner/operator of "Life Enthusiast Co-op" titled "Today You Can Make A Difference" and I am sharing it here at the SDI Eye Opener to challenge successful SDI entrepreneurs to take a leadership role in stopping the "Cancer Epidemic" that is afflicting so many families. 

I often read about and/or hear stories about successful SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and anxious to do their part to make this world a better place - and ridding the world of cancer would be an amazing victory. 

The SDI Profession is known for promoting philanthropy as evidenced by the generosity of successful and enthusiastic SDI entrepreneurs who are focused on helping people improve the quality of their financial lives while simultaneously giving back to the community - locally and globally. 

So SDI entrepreneurs know that by combining social entrepreneurship with direct selling styles .... 
Today You Can Make A Difference

Dear Tom, 

Did you know there is an epidemic killing 22,000 people every single day??!

And no, it's not Ebola!

This is an epidemic that effects our loved ones, our family members, our friends, and in many cases, even ourselves.

And the worst part is that it continues to climb every single year.

This epidemic is called cancer, and I want you to join me and Nathan Crane on a mission to end the cancer epidemic once and for all.

Here's the details: 

Nathan is a colleague of mine. I have watched his work over the years, helping hundreds of thousands of people. He has taken on a project to reach millions of people through a documentary feature film. 

He has been working on this feature film dedicated to unveiling solutions to preventing and healing cancer as well as bringing together the medical industry and the naturopathic and holistic industry to start working together to do one main thing - help people prevent and reverse cancer. 

This film will be shown all over the world and will inspire many people.

Nathan now needs our help to finish it.

He has started a public crowdfunding campaign and is inviting us to get involved.

Watch this video to support this mission today: 

Once you join the campaign, you will be given access to exclusive behind the scenes footage of the film as well as be able to contribute and help make the film a reality.

When you choose any of the contribution options you will also have your name and/or a loved one's name put in the credits of the film.

And he is giving away a wonderful combination of perks to everyone who contributes to the film. We are a part of this - we are donating Exsula EllagiPlex, and we are also giving away a report I have written: How To Find The Cancer Off-Switch

Go here to help make this film a reality: 

I have faith that this film will reach the people who need to see it the most, and I am happy to help you find empowering solutions to preventing and reversing cancer by connecting you to this project.

I hope you will join me in supporting this mission. 

To Your Health
Martin Pytela
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