Thursday, November 27, 2014

What Is A Social Entrepreneur?

So, what is a social entrepreneur? Social entrepreneurs are the new heroes of the economy. They are a force for good, bringing solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Social entrepreneurs are bringing solutions to society’s greatest challenges; hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, education and more. They use skills and ideas borrowed from business as a tool for change. Unlike traditional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs are innovators who focus on creating practical and sustainable solutions to the problems of the marginalized and the poor. 

Social entrepreneurs are change-makers and visionaries — they envision a better world for everyone. But they don’t stop there, social entrepreneurs are active agents of change; implementing their vision to inspire change and solve problems. The motivation of social entrepreneurs is not solely profit, but often to reinvest it in the communities they serve.

Social entrepreneurs are ambitious and patient at the same time. While they cannot wait to change the world, they do not expect to do it overnight. They know they have to work long and hard to see impact they are making.

Social entrepreneurs have a lot of heart and are not easily discouraged. Sometimes their ideas might work, sometimes they may not. When their ideas don’t work, they persist, evolve and innovate. They will continue to adapt and work until they have found new solutions.

The new generation of entrepreneurs believes that business, not government, will address the most important issues facing society. These social entrepreneurs believe in extending opportunity to every rung of the economic ladder. Social entrepreneurs don’t think in terms of what they can have, but what they can accomplish.

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