Thursday, November 27, 2014

Social Sharing Media Takes On A New Twist With IQ-Unite

by Tom J Kennedy

Firstly, I recommend that you set aside 11 minutes and 38 seconds and view this informative video - at least one time - maybe more....

Do you remember? Early in this 21st Century, Mark Zuckerberg and some college fellow-students from Harvard launched Facebook as an innovative and cool way to network with other students.

Facebook has experienced phenomenal growth in the past ten years - now boasting of over 1.4 million worldwide users. Various other social, sharing platforms have surfaced since Facebook’s debut. In fact, over 2 billion people from all over the world are now active on the various social, sharing platforms with dollar evaluations from billions to tens of billions to well over a hundred billion for Facebook.

What makes these social, sharing media platforms worth so much money? Advertising! It’s the advertisers who pay to get their products/services in front of the social media platform users. This means that the users are the life-blood of the popular, social media phenomenon. If there were no social platform users, there would be no financial profits based on the value that the users bring to the social media platform owners.

Until now, the business plans have been designed so that all the profits go directly to the social media platform owners.

Since the social media platform users provide the value, an exciting model is emerging and setting the stage for all participating users to earn a fair share of money along with the social, media platform owners.

Indeed, IQ-Life is launching a brand new social sharing platform called IQ-Unite. This new business plan rewards and pays the users - putting a fresh twist on the ever-expanding, social media platform phenomenon.

IQ-Unite's business plan permits those who choose to participate to reap the financial benefits. Their motto is: “Invite, Connect, Share” - and receive fair financial compensation and/or reward points.

By making IQ-Unite and “Invitation Only” social, media platform, all who participate will earn reward points that can be redeemed for (a) gift cards and/or (b) products available from participating retailers.

Yes, social media is moving ahead to the next generation with this new, improved business model that fairly compensates the users.

IQ-Unite defines itself as being a unique, social, media network - different from conventional direct sales and unlike multi-level marketing or network marketing. However, IQ-Unite does fit the definition of an SDI (Self Directed Income) business opportunity.

Participants who come on board are referred to as “First Inviters” and they agree to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 (or 33 cents per day).

The “First Inviters” are already busy sharing the good news and enrolling others while those who decline this initial invitation will be invited to come on board later in the fall of 2014.

The IQ-Unite business model not only pays reward points for free users but also pays back 50% of advertising revenue, plus commissions earned from the social grid or matrix.

Think about this - if Mark Zuckerberg had initiated this innovative business model with the launch of Facebook - would you have been motivated to risk $9.95 per month to earn you a fair share of the billions of dollars that Facebook is now generating on an annual basis?

When free users come on board later this fall, they will have the option of upgrading at a later date - when they fully realize the power and potential of this unique, marketing model.

The IQ-Unite, social sharing media platform is designed to become the optimal recruiting tool for participants who are motivated to invite others to connect with them. Anyone and everyone who enrols with your invitation is linked with you in a (3x15) social grid (matrix) for future, financial compensation. A force-filled (3x15) matrix can grow to 21 million users.

IQ-Unite offers financial compensation and/or reward points and anyone/everyone is invited to participate.

It is noteworthy that people do not have to quit other social media platforms - just add IQ-Unite. In fact, it is recommended to use other social media platforms to build your IQ-Unite network.

Visionaries see the potential of earning substantial monthly incomes by enrolling 10 or more “First Inviters.”

When the IQ-Unite social sharing media platform goes live, the products and the detailed pay plan will be announced. The products offered will be of a high quality and competitively priced.

It is worthy of note that IQ-Unite has plans for marketing modules patterned after E-Bay and Amazon - two very successful marketing models.

Remember - right NOW - the social, sharing platform for “First Inviters” is $9.95 per month and later this fall anyone can enrol for FREE.

Become a “First Inviter” NOW! Go to my affiliate website and click the “Subscribe NOW” icon in the upper right corner and enrol for the “Premium Account’ at $9.95 per month. (see link below)

NOTE: A supporting article titled:  "IQ-Unite - Pays and Rewards All "First Inviters."
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