Wednesday, November 26, 2014

John Milton Fogg - The Greatest SDI Entrepreneur In The World

Since the 1980's, John Fogg has been been active in the SDI (Self Directed Income) profession with a focus on personal development.

John has been author/co-author/editor of more then two dozen, well-known and best-selling books, including "The Greatest Networker In The World" - which, having sold more than one million copies, is among the most popular books within the SDI profession.
John is also founder/co-founder of several, well-known magazines in the SDI profession - such as Upline, Network Marketing Lifestyles, Networking Times and The Network Marketing Magazine.

John has also been a coach and mentor to more-than-he-can-count, SDI entrepreneurs - over the years. John has been referred to as "The Napoleon Hill of the SDI Profession."

John lives in the state of Virginia, USA. John Fogg defines the SDI Profession as: "The most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created."
John's most recent book is titled: "The Greatest Networkers In The World" - wherein he tells the stories of 21 ordinary people, from all sorts of backgrounds and all parts of the country, who have risen to levels of greatness in the SDI profession. They were able to acquire health, time and the money of their dreams with the SDI company - Youngevity. This book is a honest and intimate look at where they came from and how they did it.

Enjoy and share these John Fogg video clips:

1. Who Is John Milton Fogg, The Greatest Networker in the World

2. TheGreatestNetworkers-Intro 

3. TheGreatestNetworkers Audios

4. Diane Hochman Interviews John Milton Fogg About the Greatest Networkers

5. I
t's Time... for Network Marketing


 7. The 4-Point Formula for Introductions

8. 3 Most Important Questions Every Prospect Has

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