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SDI UsuryFree University - “Education 101”


Since the content of this brief article is mainly generic in nature, SDI entrepreneurs in general are invited to read it and share any concepts that may help their respective, teams of SDI entrepreneurs achieve greater success in this unique sales and marketing profession.

The specific intent of this brief article from the SDI UsuryFree University, is to educate and motivate the “usuryfree” team of SDI entrepreneurs who are building a Portfolio of SDI opportunities. 

The SDI Portfolio: 

The “usuryfree” team supports the concept of having an SDI Portfolio - that is a Portfolio of business opportunities from within the SDI industry that will guarantee that as an active SDI entrepreneur, one will earn income(s) from more than one source.

Some creative, SDI entrepreneurs support this innovative idea - especially now that so many SDI opportunities can be networked with social media technology on the internet.

Some conservative, SDI entrepreneurs are reluctant to advocate building an SDI Portfolio for fear of having their main source of income terminated because of the "fine print" in the distributor contract as printed by the “home office” of their main, income earning, SDI opportunity.

The “usuryfree” team cautions all - seasoned and novice - SDI entrepreneurs to verify the position of the “home office” of their main, income earning, SDI opportunity towards the concept of building an SDI Portfolio, before adding additional SDI opportunities to their “Single” SDI Portfolio. Too often, an SDI entrepreneur finds him/herself terminated by a “home office” whose fine print in the original, distributor contract grants such misplaced authority which contradicts the spirit of true “free enterprise.” 

The SDI Profession (Industry)

The SDI (Self Directed Income) profession thrives and grows when the “team concept” is advocated and promoted for the right reason - the mutual benefit of everyone who is participating as a team member (SDI entrepreneur). Implementing the “team concept” is essential for the ultimate success of the model of “co-operative enterprise.”

Promoting the concept of any successful “team” must not be an ego adventure for those who initiate and advocate the “team concept.” The element of “greed” which is so common in the traditional, model of “competitive enterprise” must be completely removed from the more, innovative model of “co-operative enterprise” - which is becoming the model of choice in the SDI profession.

SDI Entrepreneurs and Teamwork

Each newly enrolled, SDI entrepreneur must commit to becoming competent and well versed in his/her selected niche - depending upon the talents, skills, energy, money etc. that s/he brings to the SDI team or network. Internal contracts can be negotiated with participating SDI entrepreneurs, depending on one’s areas of expertise.

However, each participating SDI entrepreneur must commit to work independently to support the goals of the team. Deadbeats seeking a “free lunch” slow down the progress of any team of SDI entrepreneurs.

Obviously, every SDI entrepreneur who is serious about earning secondary sources of income(s) must commit to being totally responsible for his/her respective, business centres within the larger structure of building and maintaining a growing SDI Portfolio.

The marketing - advertising and prospecting - for any new, SDI business may become a co-operative venture shouldered by those leading SDI entrepreneurs who have the high-tech skills and talents to attract such new, SDI business. However, the participating SDI entrepreneurs must commit to doing the work to close the sales, coach the newest enrolees and be willing to pay an agreed upon fee for any ongoing, advertising expenses.

As mentioned above, interactive contracts, with agreed upon referral fees can be negotiated between participating SDI entrepreneurs, whose honesty and integrity is impeccable and without blemish. This formula for SDI teams can work optimally when SDI team leaders eliminate the “greed and ego” factors from the equation and wholeheartedly embrace the model of “co-operative enterprise.”

Motivation, Coaching and Mentoring:

Being involved with an SDI, business opportunity is the first step towards the pursuit of self-motivation and team-motivation. A desire for any SDI entrepreneur to learn blossoms with the initial exposure to any SDI, business opportunity, especially when the participating team demonstrates not only motivation but a high standard of business ethics.

SDI entrepreneur coaching and/or mentoring SDI entrepreneur is one of the most effective teaching/learning models to for leading SDI networks to implement within their prospective leaders. To coach/mentor optimally is to “multiply and duplicate” your efforts for the mutual benefit of all who are participating.

In the SDI profession, the sales and marketing teams have a common goal and all SDI entrepreneurs who are participating are expected to give input (talents, skills, energy, time, money etc.) to accelerate the process of achieving individual and collective goals.

To be a motivated, SDI entrepreneur is to set an agreed upon standard of success that is achievable for those who choose to follow. SDI entrepreneurs must learn to be responsible for their individual and specific input for the mutual benefit of the team.

Committed, SDI entrepreneurs must display a positive attitude that says “together, this is our mission” and this replaces any worldly, negative attitudes that commonly “shift the blame to others, rather than ones-self” for perceived underachievement or misunderstandings.

Positive, peer pressure can also be a highly motivating force for committed SDI entrepreneurs, since most SDI entrepreneurs have a natural desire to become an achiever as they shift their focus from a wage-earning mentality to a true entrepreneurial mentality.

“Becoming” SDI entrepreneurs are both students and teachers at the same time. This inter-changing of roles continually expands the knowledge of both “students and teachers” while instilling a inherent desire to learn more about concepts and ideas that can be implemented for the mutual benefit of the team.

SDI entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial experiences and their corresponding lessons are commonly remembered, discussed and passed along as credible stories in the SDI profession.

Creating a relaxed environment, where SDI entrepreneurs are cordially invited to ask questions, refines coaching methods to the current needs of those SDI entrepreneurs who are motivated to participate. This interaction can take place in real life and/or in cyberspace given the ease of social networking in this 21st Century.

Sharing positive experiences builds a positive, communal, peer pressure and this in turn builds self-esteem and a sense of pride eventually follows for the individual, SDI entrepreneur as well as for the SDI team’s ultimate success.

Teamwork with any SDI Opportunity:

Specifically referring to your chosen SDI opportunity as a leading business opportunity in any Portfolio, we are thrilled to share your story. 

Some SDI teams do a commendable job of networking selected, SDI opportunities. These team leaders have access to an abundance of potential, award-winning, SDI specialists who offer unparalleled skills and knowledge specific to the SDI industry. 

Successful SDI teams do a great job of promoting the spirit of “co-operative enterprise” and the online, marketing tips they provide their participating SDI entrepreneurs, is exceptional. 

The daily activity of the successful SDI teams is remarkable and their overall performance is excellent from the perspective of SDI entrepreneurs enrolled in the SDI industry.  

Prospective SDI entrepreneurs are invited and encouraged to enrol with seasoned, SDI entrepreneurs. Seek to work with SDI entrepreneurs who display a passion for networking within the SDI profession. To work with SDI entrepreneurs who have a determination to help others achieve their goals is a powerful and envied component of the eventual success of any novice SDI entrepreneur. 

To work with a seasoned, “usuryfree creative” who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur and who actively supports the mission of the UsuryFree Network is to work with someone who actively promotes the concept of a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on planet earth.

We - as committed usuryfree creatives who double as active, SDI entrepreneurs are always searching for novice and seasoned, SDI entrepreneurs, so that our dream of experiencing a usuryfree lifestyle can become a reality not only for ourselves, but for all debtors. Learn more about our work as usuryfree creatives by reading the articles posted at The UsuryFree Eye Opener. 

To learn more about the SDI industry join the UsuryFree SDI University group at Facebook and review the posts at the SDI Eye Opener and the UsuryFree Eye OpenerBefore you enrol with any SDI opportunity you are invited to communicate with the any SDI entrepreneur who doubles as a usuryfree creative. In summary, seek and find the optimal SDI entrepreneur with whom you should enrol for the mutual and maximum benefit of the participating “teams.” 

NOTE: I recommend the MNU (Marketing and Networking University) SDI opportunity as the optimal opportunity to add to any SDI Portfolio - whether you are a novice or seasoned SDI entrepreneur.

Read more details in this article titled: "Introducing MNU - Marketing and Networking University - The Optimal SDI Opportunity"

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