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Beau Buckley, A True SDI Entrepreneur Writes About The SDI Industry and MNU

NOTE: I have re-posted this informative article by Beau Buckley that explains more details about MNU, and how it is designed to educate both novice and seasoned SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs - as the SDI profession moves into the mainstream in this 21st Century. 

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By Beau Buckely

I'm what you would define as a true SDI entrepreneur, who is not afraid to risk it all, not afraid to sacrifice and not afraid to put himself into hardship to achieve a vision. I'm also a businessman dedicated to making things better, and if there is a better way I will look to create it. I came into this SDI industry in January 2014, not knowing what to expect and within over a few short months I started seeing success only for it to be snatched away. During that time as a novice, I identified big flaws in the SDI industry.

- I saw hustlers taking people's money and not giving a damn about their livelyhood but only focused on their own selfish agenda. These charlatans would do anything possible to take other people's cash.
- I have seen companies just completely show no respect to the affiliates paying for their memberships.
- I have seen the pump and dump happen to often.
- I have seen newbies taken advantage of with utter BS.
- I have seen people sold over priced training that wasn't even worth a fraction of what they were selling.
- I have seen many people sell training they never even implemented themselves.
- I have witnessed non-professionalism at its worst.
- I have witnessed the dishonourable displays of ethics and integrity.
- I have seen it all, and yet I didn't see anyone doing anything about these obvious flaws that breed negativity. Then I had a vision which has the potential to steer the SDI industry into the right direction in this 21st Century.

I came up with the vision of creating a platform that would be the first MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Marketing, Entrepreneurship University for the online world - MNU (Marketing and Networking University)

 MNU - this online university would house all the content, courses and resources - all structured into proper training that is commonly sold for $1000's of dollars. MNU would invite other students to become lecturers and create their own courses within the MNU platform. This bonus allows all who choose to participate, to experience the optimal training and value driven content that is not available in any other platform within the SDI industry. This MNU creation is so powerful, with so much potential and it has a lot of features that need to be experienced to be believed.
  MNU - A true all in in one online system that offers all the essential tools you need to succeed:
- Auto-responder
- Sales Page Builder
- SEO software
- Squeeze pages
- Blogging system
- URL shortner

With many other concepts to be added in the future - like:
- Syndication suites
- Mobile Marketing Platform
- Auto Posters

Not only that, MNU also integrates a social network so you can interact with all the new marketers, entrepreneurs, sales people, networkers, etc. through:
- Social Profile
- Forum
- Direct Inbox
- Groups
- Chat

  And MNU has a lecture hall that offers LIVE training from leaders, providing real value and not only limited to marketing. Other areas include:
- Sales
- Business
- Finance
- Self Growth & Development

But wait there is more! What if we branded ourselves as the MNU of the SDI industry? What would that mean? At present, MNU is the umbrella of the entire SDI industry. So, in fact, we are the mother of the SDI industry. 

What will this mean? Well, traffic for one, authority for another and longevity for a third. You think we had enough right, well wrong. We have implemented a unique, business opportunity that allows students to earn 100% commission and earn up to 18k residual income, per month through our 3x7 forced matrix that has been custom coded where you not only receive spillover from the network, but also from organic signups that come directly through the public MNU site. Our forced matrix is the highest pay out in the SDI industry.

Now you think that's it again right ? Well wrong again. We also built an online marketplace, where our members who have created their own products can have these products placed into the MNU marketplace to give them the widest exposure possible (piggy back off the company so to speak) and receive targeted traffic and benefit from all the sales.

Now again, this is everything thus far and with more to come. But MNU not be stopping there with so much more planned, the future is exciting. MNU as a company is looking to absolutely become the respected leader in the SDI industry. Indeed, MNU is one of the greatest things I have created along with my trusted, business partners.

If you're still watching great, but you are invited to take action NOW, because you're going to witness MNU become a power house, and if you're already enrolled with MNU, put your seat belt on grip the wheel cause you're about to go on a hell of a ride. 

If you're looking for something that you can be proud to be apart of, then you are invited to read this article titled: "Introducing MNU - Marketing and Networking University - The Optimal SDI Opportunity" and next enrol with our team by clicking on my MNU affiliate website at this URL:

 NOTE: This article is originally published at Beau Buckley's page at Facebook:

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