Sunday, November 30, 2014

The SDI (Self Directed Income) Profession


Annual Global Sales for 2013: $178 Billion

The SDI Profession is firmly established in 150+ countries

Over 96 million people are involved in the SDI profession – worldwide

(this includes 16+ million in the USA and approximately 1.6+ million in Canada)

The SDI Profession Benefits:

Minimum start-up costs

Low ongoing transaction costs

No boss and no employees

Unique tax benefits

Advantages of Owning Your Own SDI enterprise:

1. Flexible: SDI entrepreneurs build and manage their own enterprise(s). 

2. Lifestyle: Freedom of Lifestyle makes the SDI profession the ultimate home-based business opportunity.

3. Leveraged Residual Earnings: SDI entrepreneurs enjoy residual on the total sales of their respective organization(s)/network(s).

4. Unlimited Potential:  No glass ceilings. SDI entrepreneurs decide how much they want to earn annually.

5. Limited Risk: The amount of money invested is minimal when compared to any traditional business.

6. No Boss: Every SDI entrepreneur is the owner and manager of his/her own enterprise.

7. No Employees: The SDI profession is an inter-active business of independent SDI entrepreneurs working together. 

8. Low Operating Costs: SDI entrepreneurs operate their respective enterprise(s) at low costs compared to conventional business and/or franchise models.

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