Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Unusual SDI Industry Born of a Need

By Tom J. Kennedy

The exciting explosion in the popular SDI (Self Directed Income) sales and marketing industry is causing a re-birth of entrepreneurism and may be helping to secure our freedoms for our youth as it provides a platform for promoting and fostering unfettered free enterpriseto the masses of usually, uniformed people.

This unusual concept of sales and marketing which was born in the mid-20th Century was first referred to as multi-level marketing, a little later it was called network marketing. As this sales and marketing industry evolved some companies created new names to distinguish themselves as being different such as referral marketing and consumer direct marketing.

In the late 1990's, some experienced network marketing distributors decided that new language was needed to leave behind much of the negativity that had tainted the multi-level or network marketing industry during the latter years of the 20th Century. Consequently, it was decided that the phrase Self Directed Income (SDI) Industry would be used to describe independently owned and operated, home-based enterprises that did not rely on employees. The SDI Industry includes all kinds of direct sales and marketing business opportunities such as multi-level, network, referral and consumer direct marketing.

Dr. Forrest Shaklee (Shaklee Corporation) and Rich DeVoss and Jay VanAndel (Amway Corporation) as well as Mary Kay (Mary Kay Cosmetics Corporation) were the respected pioneers of this innovative, sales and marketing strategy. As young entrepreneurs, they were perceptive enough to know that it takes something new ... something different ... something exciting ... and something unusual to put and keep excitement in people's lives dulled by daily routines.

Now in 2011, numerous SDI, sales and marketing companies offer entrepreneurs (and becoming entrepreneurs) unusual business opportunities to earn solid sources of secondary income(s) because pioneering SDI entrepreneurs dared to be unusually different in the 1950's and 1960's. As we progress into this 21st Century, the direct selling industry strengthened by the unusual, SDI sector of sales and marketing is surpassing the growth rate of the traditional but weakening, retail store industry.

The business world - past, present or future - never has and likely never will witness a sales and marketing strategy even remotely comparable to the unusual birth and growth of the various, successful models of this mutually-beneficial and well-positioned industry where true power is blended from both the top and the bottom of the respective pyramidal structures.

Consider that the "home office" SDI company distributes products and/or services down the pyramid and we - the SDI entrepreneurs - give the "home office" SDI company power from the bottom when we purchase and market any of the selected products and/or services. In summary, value flows down the pyramidal structure and in response, power flows up the pyramidal structure. When the ratio of value to power is distorted - any pyramidal-shaped structure is destined to collapse.

Like an electrical current running through the faltering and failing economic system of usury-based, debt money, the SDI industry offers business opportunities that rejeuvenate, regenerate, restore and give a new lease on life to countless debtors who have been suffering from financial oppression by the “usury elites” - the influential and wealthy one percent of the population, to whom we have voluntarily surrendered our individual leadership and power.

While it is commonly agreed that the "home office" of the Amway Corporation in Ada, Michigan led the way with this innovative, sales and marketing strategy during the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, since then, numerous other eager entrepreneurs have surfaced and are venturing into the blossoming world of the SDI industry and setting up new and improved copies of the original SDI sales and marketing models. Each participating "home office" company in the SDI industry usually offers exclusive lines of products and/or services to the retail market through networks or teams of SDI entrepreneurs who indirectly wholesale to their personally and group enrolled SDI entrepreneurs while directly retailing to a select, few, retail customers.

Most SDI entrepreneurs run their enterprise (part-time or full time) from an office in their home. Indeed, the SDI industry was born of the unusual need for part-time, sceondary income(s) by people from all walks of life. SDI networks or teams offer individuals lucrative, business opportunities with all the usual, tax benefits (and some unusual benefits) of out-of-reach businesses as well as unlimited, worldwide, growth potential.

An independent, SDI enterprise grows in an unusual fashion as part of a team or network. People (singles, couples or business partnerships) must be enrolled (sponsored) by a previously enrolled, SDI entrepreneur who is now operating a bonafide, SDI enterprise of his/her own. Each newly enrolled SDI entrepreneur is authorized to purchase products and/or services at discount (wholesale) prices from the "home office" SDI company. They commonly retail some of these products and/or services to a small number of preferred customers and/or otherwise consume these products for personal, family or business needs.

During the 20th Century, it was common for an already enrolled SDI entrepreneur to order extra products to have a supply on hand as immediate inventory. Now, in this 21st Century, given the ease of modern technology, SDI entrepreneurs are no longer required to carry any inventory as each newly enrolled, SDI entrepreneur is commonly assigned a replicating website and a back office with wholesale, ordering privileges. Their preferred, retail customers are invited to order directly from the website by clicking on the "shopping cart" icon, thereby eliminating the need for SDI entrepreneurs to invest in a large inventory.

Those SDI entrepreneurs who choose to build a bigger and more profitable enterprise, prospect and enrol other would-be-entrepreneurs and teach them to multiply and duplicate their efforts. Indeed, multiple thousands of SDI entrepreneurs are building profitable enterprises that are continually growing through multiplication and duplication of individual effort.

The SDI industry offers unique and innovative business opportunities with an initial investment that is often less than $500. (Canadian Funds). Such a low investment, start-up opens the door in almost every country of the free world, so that every man, woman, youth (over 18) who wants to become an SDI entrepreneur and run an independent enterprise of their own - can do so but not be alone.

Additionally, by way of the vehicle of the SDI industry, the masses are being offered a unique opportunity to learn much about economics and human nature that formal education neglects to teach. Many SDI entrepreneurs are evolving through personal growth and recognizing that it has been their ignorance and apathy that has allowed "monopoly capitalism" to infiltrate and out-muscle "free enterprise" in its purest form. Some leadership teams of SDI entrepreneurs are offering workshops/seminars to teach their participating members the “truth” about modern money creation - such unusual topics are not taught within our walls of formal education.

Learning about real-life, economic experiences of active, SDI entrepreneurs and blending this information with some additional, researched material about modern money creation enlightens people to be more fully aware of each one of us can do to accelerate the shifting, economic paradigm. In addition to this essential, background information, fixing a possible dream, setting a goal and working hard are still the essential pre-requisites, for success as an SDI entrepreneur.

SDI entrepreneurs seek to free themselves from the usual, financial worries so that they can be at ease as they assume unusual, leadership roles in the ongoing, information war to take our country back from the one percenters.

The ninety-nine percenters began their crusade to take our country back from the one percenters with the launch of “Occupy Wall Street” on September 17th, 2011. Hopefully, many of these ninety-nine percenters will discover the SDI industry as they search for timely solutions to take our country back from the one percenters.

During the transition period - that time when one is learning to shift from an employee mentality to an entrepreneurial mind-set - a process of awareness takes place as experienced SDI entrepreneurs expose newcomers to the pscyhological realm of self-image and self respect - two necessary qualities required to succeed as an SDI entrepreneur.

With its multiple missions, this giant but seemingly unknown, SDI industry may well be the ultimate saviour of free enterprise and the catalyst that will eventually crush "monopoly capitalism" as deviously engineered by the one percenters and ultimately play a key role in preserving our ultimate freedoms.

Some of the one percenters (the people currently in power) are very uncomfortable with the unprecedented growth of this bold, new, free enterprise movement - the SDI industry. Some militant labour union leaders, some politicians, some government bureaucrats, and some corporate executives of the capitalist monopolies are unusually critical and skeptical of the SDI industry.

Are the SDI entrepreneurs being targeted and criticized for re-educating the ninety-nine percenters on the simple issues of economics which are usually presented as being unusually complex by governments, labour unions and big corporations - the wealthy one percenters in power who have been plundering the masses by maximizing their selfish and greedy agendas? Indeed, the SDI industry is well positioned to take a leading role in re-educating those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.

As in previous years, the UsuryFree Network has designated November 13th to 19th, 2011, as the Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week. A number of functions will be scheduled to focus on the miserable failings of our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and the triumphant successes of the usuryfree, community currency movement.

SDI entrepreneurs are particularly well-positioned to play a key role in helping to usher in new economic models as they have access to prodeucts and/or services at wholesalse prices. These products and/or services can be marketed to consumers and the buyers can negotiate trades or exchanges whereby they use a portion of any usuryfree community currency in combination with a percentage of federal cash to complete their transactions.

SDI entrepreneurs (everywhere) are cordially invited to attend and participate at any of these events. It is important for SDI entrepreneurs to "learn what they don't know they don't know" so that they will be re-educated and prepared to share any new knowledge with their respective teams/networks of active, SDI entrepreneurs.

Any readers interested in further details about the "Seventh Annual UsuryFree Day & Week" are invited to search at any search engine for such words or phrases as: "usuryfree day," "usuryfree week," "Seventh Annual UsuryFree Day & Week."

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