Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Co-operation Through Collaboration With Compensation

By Tom J. Kennedy

The usuryfree lifestyle rejects competition and collusion and promotes a new model of innovative co-operation through collaboration with compensation - within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry.

While fostering free enterprise, we - the SDI entrepreneurs - must raise the level of professionalism in the SDI industry by re-educating novice and seasoned, SDI entrepreneurs about modern money creation and its lies, deceits and deceptions.

We must strive to shift the consciousness of the debtors so that "usuryfree living" becomes just as mainstream as "living with usury" is and has been throughout the centuries.

Indeed, it is time to create our own loyal database of SDI entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives. We-the-people must learn how to negotiate trades/exchanges of our skills, talents, products and/or services so that all who choose to participate can reap the mutual benefits. By so doing we can supplement our diminishing amounts of usury-based, debt money and focus on paying off any outstanding debts as it is the growth of the debt that causes the severe, economic pain.

In the process, re-education can be offered on a variety of topics such as health and wellness, alternative energy, spirituality, etc.

How do we start to grow this loyal database of like-minded thinkers? The process is underway - choose an SDI opportunity as a starting point and begin to build an online, databse of usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the SDI Industry by reading some of the articles posted at The SDI Eye Opener and/or send an email to: tom@cyberclass.net with "SDI Industry" in the Subject line.

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