Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Language, Great Names and Unknown Names in the SDI Industry

Permit me to clarify the evolution of words and phrases that are applicable to this growing and popular industry of home-based enterprises. The pioneers who launched the initial home-based enterprises in the mid-20th Century commonly referred to this budding sales and marketing industry as multi-level marketing. During the latter years of the 20th Century, the majority of the home-based entrepreneurs who were operating part-time and/or full time enterprises chose to refer to the evolving industry of home-based enterprises as network marketing.

The term "referral marketing" was used by some people to describe this marketing model and one particular company that was founded in the 1980's chose to use the term "consumer direct marketing" so as to distance itself from the negativity associated with multi-level or network marketing.

However, during the latter years of the 20th Century, the majority of the home-based entrepreneurs who were operating part-time and/or full time enterprises chose to refer to the evolving industry of home-based enterprises as "network marketing" while others preferred the terms "consumer direct marketing" or "referral marketing."

Around the turn of the Century, a group of experienced network marketing distributors elected to create some new language (words and phrases) for the ever-expanding network marketing industry, thereby leaving behind and previous, negative associations or experiences associated with the multi-level and/or network marketing industry during its birthing years of the 20th Century. The phrase (SDI) Self Directed Income industry was crafted to describe any home-based, owner-operated enterprise (part-time or full time) - thereby including multi-level marketing, network marketing as well as other more
conventional, direct sales marketing concepts.

Other words were crafted to enhance the growth and development of the SDI industry. For example, since "upline" denotes power over "downline" the words "team" or "network' are recommended. The words "enrolled with" are preferred to previous words such as "recruited by" or "sponsored under." To be "enrolled with" another SDI entrepreneur is more empowering for any new enrollee, than to be "sponsored under" another SDI entrepreneur.

Now, as we progress into this 21st Century, the phrase SDI industry is becoming the phrase of choice to describe any home-based, sales and marketing enterprise. It is now not uncommon for an SDI entrepreneur to have an SDI Portfolio whereby s/he earns income(s) from more than one source - given the variety of online SDI opportunties that can function with the innovative tools of social networking.

Our exponentially expanding world of SDI entrepreneurs has a history of being impressed by "great names" or "big names" who join a particular SDI opportunity or who otherwise support or endorse a selected SDI opportunity. To drop a "big name" to our prospects or to our "team depth" has commonly been a status symbol among active, SDI entrepreneurs both at the fringe and at the higher levels of achievement.

While some observers consider "name dropping" as nothing more than petty manoeuvering within the SDI industry, others beyond the SDI industry, accept that the action of "name dropping" demonstrates a learned belief common to all persons under 18, over 85, or somewhere in between. In any case, it seems that names are of the utmost importance to SDI leadership teams as well as potential prospects. Indeed, countless thousands of competing, SDI entrepreneurs continue to feel the need to drop the "big names" enrolled with their particular organization or team.

Historically, one of the biggest names of all in the SDI industry during the 20th Century was Dexter Yager - whose Amway empire - at one time in the early 1980's, was probably the largest (though not necessarily the most profitable) SDI organization in the world. Another current "big name" in the SDI industry is Ed Bestoso who is commonly referred to as "Melaleuca's most succesful Marketing Executive and only Corporate Director VI."

When Dexter Yager, at his prime as an active, SDI entrepreneur, summoned an Amway distributor to an audience with him, it was almost certain that the person would respond and make special arrangements to be present at the appointed time. Even if the requested meeting was to be scheduled at a very inopportune time, the average Amway distributor would re-arrange his/her schedule so as to be present when the "guru" of the SDI industry spoke. Likewise, now in 2011, when Ed Bestoso
summons a Melaleuca distributor to an audience with him, it almost certain that the Melaleuca distributor would make a great effort to be present.

As I recall, in the early 1980's, these same Amway distributors - many of them personal friends or acquaintances - were very unco-operative indeed, when LEADS hosted a seminar with an "unknown name" as a guest speaker. It did not seem to matter that the "unknown name" has very significant information to share - if it was not coming from a "big name" in the particular SDI organization of Amway distributors - it was not considered as important.

Since 2000, the UsuryFree Network has hosted a number of meetings/gatherings with so-called "unknown names" as guest speakers on timely topics relevant to our worsening, economic crisis and numerous SDI entrepreneurs have been invited to attend BUT until the present, few have bothered to attend. The difference - a name - that is all.

Names, by tradition, apparently do make a difference in the SDI industry and otherwise. The significance of a name, especially in the SDI industry, cannot be over-estimated at this critical time when competing SDI companies are making great gains with the unsponsored millions.

In many of the seasoned, SDI networks, names commonly had a tremendous significance. It has been suggested that a new enrollee within the Amway organizations who did not quickly understand the significance of names of higher level achievers in Amway, never did gain a basic understanding of the proven, Amway marketing plan.

As the SDI industry continues to evolve, grow and expand with numemrous competitors, the "big name" of a high achiever is often used with unique offensive (or is it defensive) power. The really good news is that "unknown names" are now commanding respect and a significant following because of their unique knowledge of "co-operative enterprise" and "real-life experiences" whereby evidence shows that the "generosity factor" is outweighing the "greed factor." It is noteworthy that the "greed factor" is commonly identified as the key reason for much of the negativity formerly associated with the network marketing industry of the latter years of the 20th Century.

Rich Joyal, (RichLongjoy.org) a so-called "unknown name," is a dedicated and experienced SDI entrepreneur who is building an SDI Portfolio with income(s) from more than one source. I know that Rich has at least two (maybe more) SDI opportunities in his SDI Portfolio. One is Youngevity which markets an abundance of health and wellness products, and the other is BonVoyage Elite which markets an innovative travel membership. Rich is on my team with both of these SDI opportunities, so the above listed links are mutually beneficial.

I have observed that Rich consistently reaches out to share his co-operative spirit with prospective and active, SDI entrepreneurs - whether or not they are directly enrolled in his particular SDI network and therefore, I have enrolled with him in these two SDI opportunities and the above listed links go directly to my replicating websites - within Rich Joyal's networking team.

This idea of co-operating with other SDI entrepreneurs who in fact may be considered as "competitors" is unique indeed, however, there is much, mutual benefit to gain when like-minded, SDI entrepreneurs embrace the co-operative spirit, rather than selfishly hanging on to what they think is the competitive edge.

While I do not deny that using Dexter Yager's name in the 1980's made things happen at that time for the various Amway organizations, I am very pleased that more and more "unknown names" are making innovative and exciting things happen with people who had previously been turned off the SDI industry by their costly experiences as multi-level marketers or network marketers - mostly victims of the "greed factor." In addition, the unsponsored millions are intrigued and motivated when they learn about the evolving SDI industry and the benefits of free enterprisers co-operating for mutual gain.

In the final analysis, it does not matter whether you are a "big name" or a "great name" or an "unknown name," it matters only that as an active, free enterpriser you NEVER knock the competition. Instead, study the competition and consider carefully the advantages of either buying a competitors products and/or services or of adding other exclusive, quality products and/or services to your present SDI Portfolio. Ask your team leaders questions and then question their answers. Blend the best of the best.

Know that "unknown names" today will become "great names" tomorrow. Remember that your "prospects" and your "team depth" know you personally as a freedom loving, free enterpriser. Let it be known also that they only learn the "great names" through your experience and knowledge as an "unknown name."

We invite readers to frequent the blog - The SDI Eye Opener - so that you will acquire sufficient knowledge to metamorphosize from an "unknown name" to a "great name" in an unconventional manner.

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