Friday, April 15, 2011

Ken Hancherow Shares Information About Radiation And Remedies

"I've been working on several radiation remedies in light of the seriousness of the nuclear meltdown. I've tried to limit what is sent out to not scare you but the governments have been downplaying this for too long and it is up to us to protect our families.
I've looked at 2 dozen links so far with regard to solutions so will enclose a couple. None of my conspiracy stuff here but another time we will get into the causes of the Japanese quake.

Simple Overview:

Most holistic doctors agree the most important thing to do is have potassium iodide or some form of iodine to protect the thyroid when thing get really bad-emergency. In the mean time get any kind of kelp,algae or sea weed products.(preferably from the Atlantic).

Spirulina and chlorella are excellent along with plankton.

NAC, Vit. C, selenium, glutathione, green tea concentrate-drink as much as you can but once again future sources might be contaminated.

Miso soup and sushi are a great way to maintain natural iodine,etc. if the sea weed is clean.

We are working on getting a homeopathic mix that has been made for nuclear radiation and I just got some radionic rates for testing and treating.

Detoxing the body is always important and can be done with zeolite, fulvic or humic acid. Clay baths are good . you can use Himalayan salt in the bath and on your food.

The easiest is Calli Tea as it pulls heavy metals out of the body. I have lots of it if you need.

We are also making a very high quality nano-colloidal silver and gold. Our silver and gold rods for the unit are $1450 to get 99.999% purity. We are looking for dark glass bottles and need a label but for now they are going into what ever glass jar we can find.-Nature's antibiotic. I will put some info together on silver ,etc.
Structuring water and food will be important soon and I am researching the best ways to do this. There are some new imploding technologies using magnets that cancel out and create a zero field as well as sacred geometry to put vortex spins in water.

A food plate to neutralize any harmful things in food and drinks within minutes.

 One of the best products for long term use is a 32 ounce bottle of reactive molecules called Asea. This is a product I found 18 months ago and I have seen it change many lives in unbelievable ways.

Below is an article written by one of my distributors who got brain cancer for the 3rd time and eliminated it in 5 weeks using the Asea product.

"Responding to Radiations: The Way Nature Intended"

It is a little long and I have not had time to edit the grammar but it will give you a basic overview of the product and show how Glutathione and SOD (Which are really important for radiation,etc.) are increased 500% when using Asea.

If you want some Asea wholesale or go to Tom Kennedy’s website:

Other great reading and links:

How to Protect Yourself Against Radiation -If You have your head buried in the sand -Read This!

How to protect the natural way.

Radiation Protection Part 1 with my friend David Wolfe

What to do in a Radiation disaster-more great info

Iodine Treatments

With Love,
Ken Hancherow

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