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A Backgrounder For All Natural Soil Balancer

When this product was brought to market in the mid-1990's by Peter Webb, it was called “Perfectly Natural.” Currently it is commonly referred to as “All Natural Soil Balancer” and the label on the 55 pound bags carries the word “Cal-T” also.

All Natural Soil Balancer is the result of Peter Webb meticulously studying the life of plants after reading the book “Secrets Of The Soil” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Peter Webb’s work has been characterized by the realization that everything in the biosphere is interconnected and inseparable, both at the physical and energetical levels.

In all biological processes there exists an optimal level of vitality and inherent genetic potential, which in many cases we are not attaining because we have only recently begun to become aware of how these processes interact. As our collective understanding increases, gardeners and farmers will be motivated to apply All Natural Soil Balancer, along with combinations of the techniques elaborated in the book “Secrets Of The Soil.” The ultimate goal is to re-establish the levels of plant vitality essential to human nutrition and the well being of our planet.

Most garden and farm soils are in desperate need of calcium. Likewise, when plants lack nutrients, so will the humans and animals that consume these plants. Obviously, grass-fed livestock rely on grasses (and hay) as their sole food source. If the soil is worn out, birth weights will be below normal, milk yields will lessen and meat quality for humans will be of a lesser quality. Gardeners and farmers do agree that a living, healthy, mineral-rich soil is needed to sustain life.

All Natural Soil Balancer contains calcium which helps the soil ecology thrive by helping to bring the soil’s mineral components and PH into balance. All Natural Soil Balancer was created to complement previous techniques and to act as a catalyst to optimize the synergystic potential of the soil’s mineral components. Trace minerals are added to this product because they are used to build the immune system of the plant so that it can fight off insects and diseases.

In the plant world, most insect infestations and diseases are the result of a mineral missing in the soil. When we fully understand plants, we realize that they cannot run away from predators, but they do have their own defense mechanisms to resist harmful insects and to attract bees for pollination. The flower releases a fragrance, and at this point, the flower has total control over the bees to serve the fertilization process. All Natural Soil Balancer gives the flower brighter colours and a stronger fragrance.

A similar process occurs at the root level. If an insect attacks the leaf, the plant sends a message to the soil. A healthy, mineral-rich soil allows the plant to take trace minerals, enzymes, etc. to produce amino acids which are proteins. These proteins are then sent to the leaves of the plant to make them indigestible to the insect. Consequently, the insect chooses to leave that plant. This explains the function of trace minerals at the root level of the plant.

These vitamins are used by the plant for sugar production: B4, B6, B12, E, and Selenium. Through the process of photosynthesis, the sugar is transported to the roots to feed the soil’s micro-organisms which in turn produce food for the plant as well as decomposing organic material and dead roots. Sugar is also used to repair plant leaves and stems damaged by wind storms, as well as preserving the storage life of fruits and vegetables.

Plants and trees remove large amounts of pollution and toxins from the environment and deposit them at the root level. All Natural Soil Balancer rapidly neutralizes the toxins enabling the plants to clean more air in our homes and in the surrounding environment.

All Natural Soil Balancer releases the surface tension on water, making the water molecules smaller and more easily taken up by the roots of plants. It also increases availability of minerals in the water, thus plants use less water and require less frequent watering.

Soil compaction and hardpan have an excess of magnesium which has a negative polarity. This polarity draws the soil particles together, gradually making a layer of soil that roots and water cannot pass through. All Natural Soil Balancer helps to balance the soil’s minerals polarities, therefore, reducing compaction in soils by allowing water and roots to move more freely through the soil, thus allowing more oxygen to permeate the soil.

Plants growing on any soil with All Natural Soil Balancer applied, adjust the soil’s PH at the root zone, allowing the plants to achieve a better state of health. One plant can be 6.0 PH, the next one 5.0 in the same bed. Since plants take in a good portion of their nutritional requirements from the air, their water, humidity and nitrogen requirements can come from the air.

Trees tested in recent years from Alberta and Nova Scotia, have been observed to produce more foliage. Maple, ash and pine trees have achieved new growth of 20-30 inches between branches. Some of these trees have also retained their leaves more than one month longer than others of the same species in similar environmental conditions.

NOTE 1: This “Backgrounder” was originally published in 1994 BUT the content is applicable now as it was then.

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