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All-Natural Soil Balancer

All-Natural Soil Balancer otherwise known as “Cal-T” is an entirely new and patented approach to the stimulation of growth and health in plants and crops. It increases yields, produces more nutritious vegetables, controls weeds, cleans and restores the soil and improves composting, all without or with only minimal use of fertilizer or herbicides.

All-Natural Soil Balancer unlike other fertilizers, operates in the electro-magnetic spectrum. This allows the plants to move elements around so that they can grow more effectively. For example, it breaks the fixed polarity that makes magnesium and aluminum bond together to create a soil so tight that neither root nor water can penetrate. It permits plants to change iron into copper or vice-versa as the need arises. In many soils, iron makes the phosphorus (the main carrier of nutrients around the plant’s vascular system) unavailable to the plant.

All-Natural Soil Balancer is a totally natural blend of calcium carbonate, trace minerals and natural enzymes that has been specially treated to improve the absorption of minerals and nutrients by the plant. This strengthens the plant and its immune system, thereby making it more resistant to disease. It also catalyses the synergistic potential of the plant, causing it to grow faster and better.

All-Natural Soil Balancer, when stored in a dry place, stays active in the bag for three years. Once applied, it stays active in the field for twelve to fourteen months, regardless of weather conditions. It can be applied at virtually any time of the year. It detoxifies the soil and adjusts the PH level to the dominant plant. So if grain is planted, it will adjust the PH to that plant’s optimal level. This step alone precludes certain weeds from growing with the grain.

All-Natural Soil Balancer is spread in such small quantities because it is basically an energy product that operates through the earth’s existing electro-magnetic spectrum. It therefore, does not matter if 15-30 square feet are missed during the application because the whole field equalizes its energies. This makes it very difficult to test strips in a field, because each test strip influences the crops and yields on either side.

All-Natural Soil Balancer requires less use of herbicides and pesticides. Plants healthier and less likely to become infested. Both the plants and the weeds are more susceptible to the effects of herbicide and as a result, too much herbicide will shock the plant and burn its leaves. As a general rule, use 50% less herbicide and pesticide when using All-Natural Soil Balancer.

All-Natural Soil Balancer controls most insects. Microbes use enzymes and trace minerals to produce amino-acids which are then sent instantly to the leaves of the plant to make it indigestible to the insect. The insects may stay on the plant but they won’t eat it. Usually, they leave for more edible food elsewhere.

All-Natural Soil Balancer is also an effective weed-killer. Drastic declines in dandelions, crab grass, purple loose strife and other weeds have been observed in the months following just one application. This occurs because the weeds are no longer needed to bring deeply buried minerals to the surface.

All-Natural Soil Balancer starts the growing season by co-ordinating the germination of seeds by reducing the surface tension of the water so that the seed wall is penetrated faster. As a result, germination in fields planted with All-Natural Soil Balancer is more even and complete.

All-Natural Soil Balancer operates through the electro-magnetic spectrum to cleanse the soil of herbicide residues almost as fast as it is applied. Once the plants start growing, the cleansing process takes hold on the root system and cleans down to much deeper levels. After the herbicides are neutralized, the microbes break them down into a total inert plant food.

All-Natural Soil Balancer releases energy throughout the full growing season. This enables much larger and much more nutritional crops of hay to be garnered in the second and third cuts than when using chemical fertilizer. Crops attain higher sugar levels and need less dry down. The product stores much better. Animals prefer its taste and actually consume less because the hay is more nutritious.

All-Natural Soil Balancer used on grain products produces a heavier bushel weight. Fields commonly yield more bushels per acre with All-Natural Soil Balancer and there is less lodging and slightly taller plants. Comparable benefits occur with corn. There is a greater leaf surface, which means there is also a greater root surface. Typically, there is no corn borer damage by insects and often three cobs per plant.

All-Natural Soil Balancer produces vegetables with longer shelf lives and fewer external blemishes. Typically, potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, etc. are so nutritionally rich and balanced that they do not decay when stored over winter in a basement at room temperature. They can also be left in the ground over winter without loss. Thus, all waste in vegetable storage over winter is virtually eliminated.

The most effective form of fertilization on any crop with All-Natural Soil Balancer is a liquid application at a very low dispersion rate of a fertilizer that will not leave residual nitrates or phosphates in the soil. Foliar applications are the most effective and energy efficient because they are absorbed directly into the plant, leaves and root system. On sandy soils, always use a liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

Some crops respond better then others to All-Natural Soil Balancer. Soya beans, grains and corn respond exceptionally well. The plants’ protein content increases significantly. This adds value to the crop. The higher protein and energy in the plant gives the crop a heavier bushel weight as well as a much quicker dry down. This occurs because the plant has a higher mineral content, is retaining less water and is resisting molds much better.

Application: 2.5 kg per 30 square metres for lawns and gardens or 15 pounds per acre for larger fields.

Cost: $20.00 for 2.5 kg or 5.5 pounds OR $50.00 for 25 kg or 55 pounds. For more information forward an email to: with “All-Natural-Soil-Balancer” in the Subject line.

NOTE: Special offer - from April 30, 2013 until June 30, 2013 - Free Delivery of 2.5 kg or 5.5 pound bags for gardens and lawns in the Ottawa area. Special delivery rates offered to farmers buying larger quantities of 25 kg or 55 pound bags. Request specific details.

NOTE: Readers are invited to read more about All Natural Soil Balancer at this website:

NOTE: Grasshopper Media has posted video clips of a presentation in Ottawa, Ontario by Peter Webb on Sunday, April 3, 2011.

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