Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sharing Wanded Wisdom

By Tom J. Kennedy

Enter the Age of Self-Care

As we progress into this 21st Century, we are experiencing the birthing of health and wellness resolutions of self-care. Grace Mirabella, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine is credited with this timely quote:

“The name of the game is taking care of yourself, because you’re going to live long enough to wish you had.”

Indeed, more and more people are awakening and making a commitment to start a self-imposed journey up the healing path. As our knowledge about quantum physics expands, enter a natural energy generating tool or device referred to as the zero point energy wand.

The recent surfacing of this unique, self-care, health and wellness tool in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is creating a chaordic response. Though the generic name of this tool is the ‘zero point energy wand,’ different companies are applying specific brand names to identify their particular product.

The zero point energy wand certainly appears to be an object that is a mix of chaos and order of electrons, protons and neutrons, with neither chaotic nor ordered behaviour dominating as is common in various living organisms and evolutionary processes.

Sales and Marketing of the Zero Point Energy Wand

Likewise, there is a mix of chaos and order of the various sales and marketing concepts being implemented to market the ‘zero point energy wand’ to potential consumers of health and wellness. One network marketing company is leading the way with conference calls and group meetings with a focus on marketing a zero point energy wand along with other products. The accompanying but sophisticated, multi-level, business opportunity includes a binary marketing plan with team commissions, matching bonuses and leadership incentives. The purchase of a sales and marketing kit is also required and there is minimum financial compensation for retail efforts with only 5% to 10% commissions paid on the total value of retail purchases.

Other SDI entrepreneurs are choosing to market a zero point energy wand through simple marketing strategies whereby there is a no requirment to purchase a sales and marketing kit. Wholesale prices are structured for bulk orders and a retail prices are structured for regular consumer purchases. This option is appealing, especially for those increasing numbers of SDI entrepreneurs who are willing to negotiate trades/exchanges by accpeting a portion of any usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash.

Certainly, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is the marketing model of choice for the ‘zero point energy wand.’ The retail pricing of the ‘zero point energy wand’ varies from less than $200. to as high as $5000. Likewise, the availability of the ‘zero point energy wand’ is rather chaordic, ranging from ‘immediate delivery’ to ‘stocked and ready’ to ‘four to six weeks wait’ to ‘sold out.’

The Zero Point Energy Wand

The zero point energy wand is one of the most recent examples of impressive, fusion technology as it relates to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness. The zero point energy wand is being promoted as a unique resonance tool that can be used to remind the human body of its perfected, healing power.

It is commonly agreed that the human body is blessed with natural healing abilities that are exercised when our immune systems are optimally healthy. Since we are constantly exposed to multiple toxins (air, soil, food, water, environment etc.) few people are experiencing strong and healthy immune systems.

It matters not what brand name is applied to the zero point energy wand. The zero point energy wand utilizes proprietary technology, not necessarily patented, but always carefully guarded by the respective manufacturing company.

Whatever the proprietary technology, it commonly involves a specific combination of a selected number of natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded into each zero point energy wand by using high heat fusion technology. Like most other products on the market, each manufacturing company claims that its particular zero point energy wand is the best product offered at the most competitive retail price. And, it is possible that some scrupulous company may offer a bogus wand that is not created with high heat fusion technology.

There appears to be much similarity regarding the combination, size and shape of the natural minerals that are fused to transform each zero point energy wand into a super-conductive, health and wellness device.

Observations about the Zero Point Energy Wand

My observation is that this unique, fusion technology creates a natural resonance that it long-lasting and which can be transferred to the human body, as well as to animals, plants, foods, drinks and the local environment.

In summary, the zero point energy wand reminds the human body of its disease-free state that resonates with harmony, balance and alignment. It is important to state that the zero point energy wand is an innovative, technological device that awakens the human body to recognize its innate, self-healing and self-care capacity.

Further research on such terms as: zero point energy, quantum physics, nano energy, scalar products etc. will be beneficial for anyone who intends to better understand how the zero point energy wand harnesses the power of advanced crystallization, ionization and bio-energetics.

It is commonly agreed, that a unique combination of the carefully selected crystals and minerals are fused in each wand to create the specific ionization effect. Likewise, it is commonly agreed that the zero point energy wand helps to restore the human body to a point of homeostasis, thereby neutralizing free radicals while increasing energy, vibrancy and frequency at the cellular level.


Please forward details of testimonials (a) from yourself and (b) from other people who purchase and use the zero point energy wand.

Whether you are forwarding a testimonial or if you are simply motivated to learn more about the zero point energy wand and its power and potential, please send an email to: with ‘Zero Point Energy Wand’ in the Subject line.

I also recommend Patrick J. Kelly’s free eBook titled “Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices” - in pdf format for download at this website:

When You Are Ready To Purchase A Zero Point Energy Wand

If you are already sufficiently re-educated about quantum energy or subtle energy or zero point energy and you are ready and willing to purchase a zero point energy wand, please consider how much money you are willing to spend: (a) less than $200. (US funds) (b) approximately $325. (US funds) or (c) $5000. (US funds).

When you choose (b) or (c) I will find a source that supplies these more expensive zero point energy wands and negotiate a fair retail price at the approximate prices as listed above.

When you choose to wand you way to health and wealth by selecting (a) to spend less than $200 (US Funds) - the Terms and Conditions as outlined below will apply.

Know that when you choose to purchase a zero point energy wand at less than $200. (US Funds) we are open to negotiating an exchange whereby you may make payment for the product using a percentage of any usuryfree community currency as a complement with your diminishing dollars of federal cash.

NOTE: I fully suppport the SDI industry and likewise, I advocate that we do not need to join every SDI business opportunity, instead I recommend that each of us establish sound business partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs with whom we have full trust, and thereby become referral partners for each other’s products and/or services. I recommend that the SDI entrepreneur who receives a referral and closes a sale, offer a small percentage of the profit as a ‘gift’ to the SDI entrepreneur who made the referral. This idea trumps the fears about cross-recruiting and there is mutual benefit for everyone who plays fairly.

Terms and Conditions for Retail Customers and Wholesale SDI (Self Directed Income) Entrepreneurs Seeking a Zero Point Energy Wand With A Retail Price Less Than $200. (US Funds)

Everyone is considered to first be retail customer and must buy a minimum of one zero point energy wand at the retail price. Whether you are choosing to set up an SDI enterprise or simply adding the zero point energy wand to your SDI Portfolio, you are welcomed and invited to communicate with us directly by telephone or email. We will share our marketing ideas and tools and encourage you to enrol with the UsuryFree SDI University for additional de-education, re-education and marketing strategies.

Prospective SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs are required to purchase one zero point energy wand at the retail price before upgrading and purchasing additional zero point energy wands at wholesale prices. Prospective SDI entrepreneurs are invited to request complete wholesale prices of our Wanded With Wellness Packages - which are now available.

Watch for weekly and/or monthly promotions for limited time periods. Prices are subject to change. Please respect our refund policy whereby we offer a 13 day money back guarantee (minus any handling and shipping costs).

Tel: 1.613.824.1793 
Email: (Please insert “zero point energy wand” in the Subject line.)


We are open to negotiating, self-adminstered “gifting contracts” with SDI entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives with a self-imposed, 100% commitment to supporting and advancing the usuryfree community currency movement by choosing to market the zero point energy wand as a mutually beneficial fundraiser.

Our zero point energy wands (priced at less than $200.00) are now available and ready for distribution. We will ship immediately upon receipt of payment as long as our supply lasts.

We, usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are working together to bring the zero point energy wand to as many people as possible. All purchases of the zero point energy wand will be assisting the UsuryFree Network and its mission to fund activities for the Sixth Annual UsuryFree Week scheduled from November 13th to 19th, 2010.

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  1. These zero point energy wands are now available for distribution. Readers wishing more information about the cost of the zero point energy wand are invited to send an email to: with "zero point energy wand" in the Subject line.