Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Word-of-Mouth Phenomenon Is Working

SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs have identified the word-of-mouth phenomenon as the optimal strategy to share information about their selected products and/or services as well as any accompanying business opportunities.

The Direct Selling Association reports that approximately 15 million Americans are enrolled as SDI entrepreneurs. Since Canada’s population is about one tenth of the population of the United States of America, we can assume that there are a minimum of 1.5 million Canadians who are enrolled as SDI entrepreneurs.

That’s a total of 16.5 million SDI entrepreneurs in North America who are networking and sharing information about their favourite products with families, friends, neighbours and working colleagues etc. In turn, a high percentage of these SDI entrepreneurs pass along the information to others and this is the essence of word-of-mouth marketing within the SDI industry.

Andy Sernovitz writes in his book, “Word of Mouth Marketing” - “When people trust you, thry are willing to put their words on the line for you. Please them, inspire them, and they’ll bring their friends to you. Word-of-mouth marketing works for any-size business. You don’t need to have a hot website, to be in a sexy industry, or to have a cool, new technology. You can make it work for a single store with no advertising budget. You just have to give people something to talk about.”

The social networks like Facebook, My Space, Ning, Linkedin, Twitter etc. are advancing word-of-mouth marketing to ever-evolving levels. According to Andy Sernovitz, about 20 percent of word-of-mouth marketing now happens online. The remaining 80 percent of word-of-mouth marketing is comprised of face-to-face conversations.

It is noteworthy that a survey by emarketer reveals that approximately 53 percent of online traffic is initiated by family members and/or friends who make recommendations.

Indeed, the combination of face-to-face and online communication cause the word-of-mouth phenomenon to create annual sales of more than $30. billion. This is proof that the word-of-mouth phenomenon does impact the bottom line of millions of SDI entrepreneurs who are dedicated to spreading the good news about their selected lines of products and/or services as well as accompanying business opportunities.

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