Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are You Seeking To Be Wanded?

Are You Seeking To Be Wanded?
By Tom J. Kennedy

As our knowledge about quantum physics expands, a natural, energy generating tool or device referred to as the zero point energy wand enters the marketplace. This unique product is being manufactured by more than one company.

The manufacturing process utilizes a proprietary technology that sources the universal life force otherwise referred to as zero point energy. To achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, our bodies require this universal life force.

As I understand it, the manufacturing process for the zero point energy wand involves a specific combination of selected minerals that are fused and structurally bonded into each wand using spohisticated methods of high heat fusion.

The complete process is best described as a catalytic conversion of energy that is embedded into each zero point energy wand. The end result is a long-lasting, natural resonance that has the ability to be transferred to the human body, animals, liquids, food and the environment.

It is important to state that the zero point energy wand does not actually ‘heal’ any sickness or disease. It simply transmits and holds the zero point energy as it is rotated as close as possible on the area where there is identified pain or discomfort. The zero point energy wand aids the body in remembering and reconstructing the pathway to its own innate perfection and health.

Testimonials reveal that the zero point energy wand helps to alleviate pain and discomfort. The wand seems to clear any distorions that may be present in the bioenergetic field while discharging energy blockages.

Additionally, people explain that the wand strengthens the flow of energy through the body’s meridian system, thereby bringing the body and mind back into perfect harmony and optimal balance.

The zero point energy wand is also being used to energize liquids, creams, oils and food creating noticeable results in regards to taste and texture. There is much excitement about the possibilities of using and experimenting with the zero point energy wand.

If this information is new for you, you are invited to do a search at any search engine for ‘zero point energy wand’ and you will find plenty of relevant information.

When you are ready to purchase a ‘zero point energy wand’ please forward an email to: with ‘Zero Point Energy Wand’ in the Subject line. I will send you complete details of our SDI marketing plan for the ‘zero point energy wand’ that has a retail price of less than $200. (US Funds).

On or before March 31, 2010, I expect to be able to offer you these ‘zero point energy wand’ at a retail price of less than $200. (US Funds). Or, in the alternative, you may choose to purchase the ‘zero point energy wand’ that is being offered by Amega Global for a retail price of $304. (US Funds). If that is your choice, I will refer you to a supporting SDI entrepreneur who doubles as a usuryfree creative and who is enroled with Amega Global. In this manner, your purchase will be mutually beneficial and it will help advance the usuryfree community currency movement.

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