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Let's Advance The Evolution of the SDI Industry with Power Rather Than Force ...

I have been reading the book “Power vs Force - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour,” authored by David R. Hawkins. In the Preface, he writes: “Follow this fascinating journey and you’ll see how easy it can be to raise your consciousness to the levels of power, rather than force, so that you can become one of those who is awake and aware in this world. Your life will certainly never be the same.”

In his book, David R. Hawkins points out that most ‘systems’ of modern society rely on coercion by forces people think they can control, instead of welcoming governance by powers from unrevealed sources. For our purposes, it is essential to understand that force causes you go weak while power makes you go strong. Ultimately, weak cannot prevail against strong, therefore, eventually the (force) weak fails and the (power) strong succeeds.

It is clear that the elements of force have dominated all of our revered ‘systems’ that are now failing miserably - eg. education, economics, politics, religion, energy, sickness and disease, conventional sales and marketing etc. It is time to inject some elements of “power” into those ‘systems’ that are failing with an intent to make them strong in this 21stCentury. I recommend that SDI entrepreneurs lead the way by demonstrating how ‘power’ propels people with positive results.

In its early years of evolution, the SDI industry formerly or otherwise referred to as the multi-level marketing industry or the network marketing industry, has unfortunately relied upon “force” rather than “power” because the individuals who assumed leadership roles were ill-informed or mis-informed about the mechanics of our modern, economic system of usury-based, debt money. It has been determined that the SDI industry will ultimately survive and thirve when this perfected marketing model is supported by a perfected, usuryfree, banking system, modelled after any casino bank - where the chips do not inflate.

During the latter years of the 20th Century, when the SDI industry was still in its birthing process, there were too many selfish charlatans assuming leadership roles while being motivated by greed. These charlatans gave multi-level marketing otherwise referred to as network marketing a negative image by abusing their distributor networks and forcing them to purchase business tools at retail prices with little or no financial compensation - especially at the fringe of the networks where the novices are commonly found.

That is why we needed to create the new language and refer to this industry as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - it leaves behind all of the negativity associated with “force” as it was applied to multi-level marketing or network marketing.

I daresay that the SDI industry will flourish in this 21st Century, as we embrace the idea that it is better to be governed by ‘power’ from unreveald sources, rather than to be governed by ‘force’ as applied by ‘uplines’ and ‘home office’ suppliers in the SDI industry. To better understand the history of the SDI industry, it is helpful to review the article “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry” at this link at The SDI Eye Opener:

The other evidence of ‘force’ being applied in the multi-level marketing or network marketing industry by the “home office” suppliers is evidenced when their lawyers draw up the distributor contracts. Indeed, the fine print in too many of the distributor contracts still threatens the newly enroled distributor with termination of their monthly earnings if they are known to be acquiring earnings by marketing products and/or services from another home office supplier in the SDI industry. Such elements of ‘force’ and ‘control’ are not effective, no longer needed and ought to be abolished by all home office companies in the SDI industry. Let’s permit the SDI entrepreneurs to be true entrepreneurs and build their respective SDI Portfolios as they see fit.

Peace, joy, prosperity and abundance for all is really the natural state of affairs. We only need to remove whatever is preventing us from creating peace, joy, prosperity and abundance and we will experience it. By removing elements of ‘force’ and replacing them with elements of ‘power’ all participating SDI entrepreneurs will more easily climb the ladders of success.

The design flaw of usury as it is applied to our modern, orthodox, economic system of debt money is the hidden, fifth column that has been stalling the growth and evolution of the SDI industry, thereby preventing peace, joy, prosperity and abundance as realistic goals. When the design flaw of usury is fully exposed to SDI entrepreneurs, for the evil and immoral element that it is, the industry will flourish because the leaders will understand that by utilizing the power of truth, they will create unlimited success whereas by exerting unnecessary force they will continue to get the same results that generally curtail success.

Usuryfree creatives, like SDI entrepreneurs, seek solutions not through forces which s/he can control, but instead by permitting her/himself to be governed by powers from unrevealed sources. As more and more usuryfree creatives enrol as SDI entrepreneurs and share their knowledge and resources, the SDI industry will become a leading example of power trumping force.

Historically, the sales and marketing plans designed by the major, trans-national, retail corporations had elements of the ‘employee mentality’ embedded within. In its early stages, the SDI industry’s sales and marketing plans blended some of these ineffective and weak elements with some other creative but competitive strategies that claimed to promote free enterprise. However, the evidence shows that too many home office companies still treat their distributor networks of SDI entrepreneurs with an “employee mentality.” This must change now!

Until recently, most SDI entrepreneurs have either been ignorant of the devastating effects of the design flaw of usuy, or they are selfish and ignore the truth about modern money creation, hoping that ‘hype and motivation’ will be sufficient to assure their survival in the competitive marketplace.

For example, as the SDI industry progresses into this 21st Century, the various home office companies that supply products and/or services to SDI entrepreneurs for consumption and re-sale still demonstrate that they are over-burdened with fear. Otherwise, these home office companies would not be employing the element of “force” in the wording of their written contracts.

Since more and more SDI entrepreneurs are indeed, building SDI Portfolios as true entrepreneurs, there is no longer any need for threats of termination to be included in the fine print of the various distributor contracts.

The SDI industry, as perfect a model as it is, has been struggling by these controlling attempts by the various home office companies exerting force for lack of knowledge. They think that they might have a better chance of survival in the rigged, economic game where usury is the real killer machine, breeding wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack.

The eventual healing of this malaise in the SDI industry will only occur when the corporate leaders and team leaders learn the truth about money creation and then teach it to others. When this happens, a new clarity of vision will emerge. Indeed, the sales and marketing plans being implemented in the SDI industry must be re-aligned as more and more people learn about the possibility and probability of experiencing the reality of usuryfree living in this incarnation.

When we can agree that joy, peace, prosperity and abundance are natural states of being in harmony with the reality of usuryfree living, then all weak and inefficient elements of all sales and marketing systems will evolve to optimally serve all who choose to participate.

Indeed, in this universe, everything is connected to everything else, and usury as an unseen force causing wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack must be exposed, addressed and corrected. This challenge is being made easier, since more and more people are awakening to the simple fact that something is amiss in the workings of our orthodox, economic system.

The power to effect a significant change in our orthodox, economic system resides with usuryfree creatives who are ready and wiling to embrace the SDI industry with a sincere goal to facilitate the correction of the origin of the dysfunctioning design flaw of usury.

Know that a mere shift of attitude has the potential to accelerate any healing - so why not apply this thinking to hasten the healing of our broken, economic system? The SDI industry has participating SDI entrepreneurs - locally, nationally and internationally. The leaders in the SDI industry are so strategically positioned in their respective, reverse pyramidal structures that minimum power is required to shift the consciousness of multiple millions.

For example, with the click of a mouse, an SDI entrepreneur in a leadership capacity has the power to share an email message with multiple thousands of participating SDI entrepreneurs who are enroled in his/her network(s).

I am encouraging SDI entrepreneurs to share key information and resources that have the potential to alter the belief system of their entire network(s). Indeed, those SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to be de-educated and re-educated are in a position to accelerate our individual and collective economic recovery simply by acting with intent.

Understand that there can be no economic recovery until the design flaw of usury is exposed for the evil and immoral weapon of financial destruction that it really is.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that every SDI entrepreneur in a leadership capacity (1) view the DVD “Money As Debt” which is now available for free viewing at google video and (2) spend some time reviewing the posts at The UsuryFree Eye Opener: and The SDI Eye Opener: and (3) inquire about adding the zero point energy wand to your SDI Portfolio and learn why/how this product has great potential to accelerate the race towards usuryfree living.

The next step is to take action to de-educate and re-educate every SDI entrepreneur who is enroled in their respective network(s).

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