Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry and New Social Media Tools

By Tom J Kennedy

More and more wage earners are being attracted to the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry as we progress into this 21st century. The SDI industry includes all direct sales companies as well as network marketing or multi-level marketing companies and any micro-entrepreneurs who operate a small to medium-sized enterprise without employees.

Statistics from the Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA) reveal that in 2013 there were 75+ direct sales companies operating in Canada and their sales forces of 900,000+ distributors marketed $2.18 billion worth of consumer goods and/or services to loyal customers.

Statistics from the Direct Sellers Association of the USA reveal that in 2012 there were approximately 16 million direct sellers marketed almost $32 billion worth of consumer goods and/or services to loyal consumers. These numbers keep growing each year and the majority of these direct sellers are SDI entrepreneurs.
The above-mentioned statistics indicate the growing popularity of the SDI industry. The global market of SDI entrepreneurs within the Direct Sales industry can boast of multiple millions of people participating as micro-entrepreneurs with multiple billions of dollars worth of consumer goods and/or services sold annually to loyal customers. Why? Here are a few reasons.

(1) The major corporations are choosing to rely on new technological advances for more efficient production - thereby offering more and more employees the option of early retirement.

(2) There are multiple millions of baby boomers who are choosing to research the SDI industry as they reject idle retirement.

(3) More and more youth are choosing to control their own destiny by becoming active in the SDI industry rather than accepting to be an employee for a major, trans-national corporation.

(4) The tax benefits of operating a part-time enterprise are only available to entrepreneurs - and not available to conventional employees.

Many of these active SDI micro-entrepreneurs are currently moonlighting as they work their part-time, home-based enterprise(s) after hours - when they finish their work at the full-time job. The common advice is not to quit your full time job until your part-time enterprise is earning you as much or more than your full time job.

Most of these direct sales companies invite prospects to purchase starter kits that include sample products, replicating websites, training materials, a virtual back-office, regular newsletters and a shopping cart for web-based sales. These starter kits commonly have a value of approximately $500. - a reasonable cost to launch a part-time enterprise.

Selling online is becoming popular but the personal touch of individual contact and home-selling parties are still the best ways close sales since the prospective clients can see and try the products and get their questions answered.

Most novice, SDI, micro-entrepreneurs learn to grow their respective networks by networking with family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc. and by using tried and proven social media tools.
While the big money controls and makes billions of dollars the popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, YouTube and Google, more and more astute, micro-entrepreneurs are choosing to enrol and network with new and innovative social media tools such as TrueTube, GlobalShare, IQ-Unite, etc. Some of these new social media platforms are sharing the earnings with those SDI, micro-entrepreneurs who choose to participate.

In this new age of communication by way of social media, the astute and active SDI entrepreneurs are embracing IQ-Unite as a unique, social media tool that shares the earnings with participating consumers - who are referred to as “first inviters” and who are enrolled as a “Premium Subscribers.” 

Read more about IQ-Unite in this article titled: “IQ-Unite - Pays and Rewards All “First Inviters.”

For those who value their privacy and security, there is the new encrypted email service offered by Unseen:  and here is the Unseen FAQ: You are invited to enrol with Unseen at this link:  and please insert (usuryfree) as your referrer.

During the 20th Century, it was common for wanna-be entrepreneurs to hesitate and wait to see if the SDI industry was going to survive in the marketplace. Tthe SDI industry has earned a proven track record in the 20th Century, and now in this 21st Century, more and more wanna-be entrepreneurs are taking the leap and enrolling with one or more SDI companies. They are fully aware that new technological tools are transforming the way we market, communicate, and re-educate. Indeed, these new powerful and affordable, social media tools are rapidly accelerating the growth of the SDI industry.

Don’t wait - enrol with IQ-Unite and Unseen and start building your SDI Portfolio NOW!

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