Saturday, August 23, 2014

Introducing AF-x: The Amazing, Innovative, Online Psychotherapy Program

Australian psychotherapist, Ian White has developed an innovative, online, psychotherapy course titled Af-x (pronounced “Affex” with emphasis on the “A.”

You are invited to read about Ian White and his work over the past 30 years at this website:

In summary, “Affectology” is defined as being the science of feelings while the AF-x online, self-administered, psychotherapy program is defined as the science of simply “feeling good.” Indeed, Af-x is about changing human feelings for the better.
The Af-x, online, self-administered, psychotherapy program offers a new and innovative approach about how we - human beings - live our lives relying on deeply embedded, emotional drivers that operate at the subconscious level of the mind.

It is worthy of note that Ian White’s online, self-administered, psychotherapy program focuses on that non-verbal part of our mind.

Until recently, clients were paying $400.00 (US Funds) to experience the AF-x psychotherapy approach - which was always ‘therapist-administered,”

Now anyone can purchase the Af-x, online, self-administered, psychotherapy program for $99.00 (US Funds) and it is delivered immediately to be viewed and listened to (self-administered) in the privacy of your home.

Additionally, Ian White has set up a simple two tier SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity to motivate SDI entrepreneurs to share the program with family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc.

At this time you must use the e-wallet accounts of either (a) Solid Trust Pay or (b) Pay Too enrol and make your online payment OR in the alternative you can mail payment to a mailing address as explained on the order page.
I purchased the Af-x, online, self-administered, psychotherapy program on August 13, 2014 and over the course of three days I self-administered the program of approximately 8 hours in length. I highly recommend the experience!!

Readers are invited to purchase the Af-x program from my affiliate page at this website:

NOTE: For more background information, Sudha Hamilton has written an article in WellBeing Magazine, November 2003 titled: “Af-x - Natural Healing Therapies In Focus.”  

And this website has lots of relevant information: What is Af-x?

NOTE:  My initial research about Af-x finds various testimonials about individuals who have overcome depression by following the Af-x program. Below are a couple of relevant video clips posted by Stefan Molyneux.
2. Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About

And Ian White has written an e-book titled: “Beat Depression The Drug Free Way.” 

Ian White’s website:
NOTE: “Af-x is steadily becoming the therapy of choice in Australia and now many parts of Europe and throughout the world. Af-x is becoming the most successful means of life improvement and business success!”

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