Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Living Clay as a Healing Clay

PERRY A~ discusses uses of Detox Clay on animals, people and gardens. 

Healing clay may be a new concept to some of us, but it has been used for thousands of years.  Long before recorded history, humans have used healing clays externally and internally to cure illnesses, sustain life and promote general health.  Modern man is also beginning to appreciate the miraculous healing properties of Calcium Bentonite Clay. Russian scientists used clay to protect their bodies from radiation when working with nuclear material. Because it adsorbs radiation so well, Bentonite Clay was the material chosen to dump into the Chernobyl reactors after the nuclear meltdown there.  Today, osteopaths, and other health professionals that include alternative medicine as a part of their practice, are increasingly recommending Bentonite clay to their patients for detoxification and to address other illnesses and injuries.

Calcium bentonite clay contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and trace amounts of a number of other minerals. The clay is made from volcanic ash deposits that have settled on the earth. The ash has settled over the course of hundreds to thousands of years, which allows a variety of the earth's nutrients to be absorbed. While the absorption process is taking place, clay is formed. Calcium bentonite clay has several purported benefits, including the ability to detox the body by absorbing toxins from the body. Read more: Calcium Bentonite Clay Benefits 

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Additional Clay Books: The Clay Cure By Ran Knishinsky & "Surviving A Dirty Bomb Attack" A Living Clay Special 27 Page Report by David Smith

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