Tuesday, January 15, 2013


MyLeadCompany is an SDI (Self Directed Income) company or otherwise known as a Network Marketing company that represents an exciting, new concept in lead generation, training and support for the SDI entrepreneurs of this 21st Century.

MyLead Company provides SDI entrepreneurs with an opportunity to build a substantial secondary source of income while providing leads that you may work with the primary opportunity in your SDI Portfolio. SDI entrepreneurs can earn immediate cash flow through the lucrative compensation plan to help offset any hidden costs that are commonly associated with building a successful SDI enterprise.

MyLeadCompany can help SDI entrepreneurs to create an additional stream of income - so stable and secure that it can lead to a lifetime of wealth and prosperity. Whether one's goal is to gain extra monthly income or to escape the stress of the rat race altogether, MyLeadCompany will help you every step on the way.

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