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Following Up re: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

NOTE: I recommend that readers review the previous article titled:
"Introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)"

An Explanation of EFT and Light Energy

By Doug Henderson

Perhaps I can give you some additional insight as to why EFT works and the 5 or 6 other techniques that have evolved from the original TFT (Callaghan).

Every moment we are receiving light energy. Recently it was discovered by a Korean scientist something the ancient people seemed to have known.

There is information in this light energy. Something that I have believed for a long time is that the light energy we absorb contains unconditional love. It is contained in the space of every atomic or quantum particle. This is the area known as zero point energy that science is currently trying to harness. We absorb this light information/unconditional love via the chakras, skin, eyes, and pineal gland.

The chakras are the primary source of input and they act like step down transformers to convert this unconditional love to a form of energy the body can use to function. The information is contained in an etheric layer called the Etheric Double about 1/4-1/2 an inch from the body. This etheric layer contains the blueprint or instructions on how to function the body. The chakras send this light energy via the acupuncture meridian system which is a system of micro light tubules that transport light energy to every cell of the body.

However, the thoughts we have/emit can interfere with this message of unconditional love. You see your mind is not housed within the brain it is housed within a mental etheric layer beyond the body. The brain is simply a transmitting/receiving and sensing device. The feelings and emotions that we experience are part of a collective broad band width (like a tv signal, radio signal or wifi)that we tune into, identify or resonate/entrain with. (tune into according to our level of consciousness.) All of these mixed communication signals are creating confusion and a disturbance within the field that prevents us from knowing our True Self.

When we are experiencing a particular feeling, thought or emotion we are identifying with a particular universal or collective bandwidth that we tap into. It is this identification/acceptance with a negative or lower attractor thought or feeling or emotion that is the problem because we believe that the collection of our thoughts and beliefs is what we are. We say this is our personality, it's what makes us an individual and we will defend our beliefs unto death. Dr. David Hawkins claims that 97% of all historic events have been acts of war.

This is the ego which is the Mark of the Beast that mankind tends to identify with and it would have us believe that we are the body and believe in death as a termination point, as a means to prevent us from healing and moving toward enlightenment or God-Consciousness.

The Heart-Math Institute claims that we spend 96.6% of our time having negative feelings/thoughts. This is the self-torment, the inner chatter, the self-sabotage. These feelings/thoughts that we generate over-ride the program of unconditional love and distort the message being sent to us. This is a process of interfering with Creation and this new message via a quantum trickle down effect makes its way to the etheric double just outside the body and this is the new information/instructions the cells of the body now receive on how to function.

This is how we interfere with Creation. This is how we create dis-ease in the body. This is why thoughts are so important and how it is that we as co-creators have the ability to mis-create via freedom of choice. This new distorted information now makes its way through the meridian pathways and creates "blockages to love," within us.

This is why Forgiveness is so important. The challenge is that what we have been taught about Forgiveness does not work. It does not work because; the forgiving party feels that they are somehow superior to the party being forgiven. The truth is we are one and we all connected by mind. Nor is there any recognition by the forgiving party that they were the self-generator of the thoughts that were projected onto the individual or circumstance that manifested a mis-perceived outcome of their brother/sister and/or the event. We are powerful self-generators of every circumstance we create need to forgive our self (lower- self/ego-self) for this arrogance before Creation.

The process of forgiveness does not need to be complicated. Only we humans tend to complicate things. It seems to be our nature to do so and expend a lot of needless energy in the process defending our perception of the world.

The process of tapping the end points of meridians unblocks these blockages to love and synergistically skips over the need to dredge up the negative emotional feelings that we created in the first place. All healing and all raising of consciousness requires the elimination of these blockages. If we wish to heal or raise our level of consciousness there must be a surrender to a Higher Source because it was by our thoughts and beliefs which we unconsciously created within 1/10,000 of a second as an attempt to control every aspect of our circumstance in life. Its a case of asking the Dr. Phil question; "So how is it working for you so far?"

The paradox is that it is Life that must be surrendered to. Some might call Life; God or Spirit. In doing so, the recognition comes that we are not just the body. The body is simply the densest vibration field of an overall etheric being. It is only because we have chosen to limit our senses that we perceive and identify ourself with the body and this is what we mistakenly think we are. We are not the body. We are this Spirit, this unconditional Love that functions the body. This is what we truly are and when we learn to stop interfering with this natural state we recognize our true perfection.

The opening statement in EFT might begin with, "I deeply and completely accept myself even thought I am feeling ______________." I modify this statement with one word which is very, very significant; "I deeply and completely Love and accept myself even though I am feeling _____________." It is only when we love our self that we can recognize Creation or love another. I call this recognizing, "Whose Your Daddy/Mommy!" In the beginning, it might be advisable to just do the global tapping procedure using the statement; “I deeply and completely Love and accept myself.”

Love does not conquer. Love corrects all and the intention to do so leads to peace. Achieving this higher vibrational state causes dis-ease to be burned off and others around you and your world to be transformed. If you think this will take a long time, it will. But it can also happen in a wholly instant.

The power of intention that we have is all powerful particularly when the intention is aligned with and surrendered to this Higher Source. And what is surrender? It is not complicated. It is simply a willingness to let go (surrender) the egoic thoughts and focus on the Spiritual Heart and simply be aware of your breathing and as we do so have a loving intention for peace within.
The EFT statement is a form of surrender. If you can combine this with the recognition that you are Spirit that functions the body and not just the body, healing follows.

This is why when you heal the mind, the body follows and it happens as your level of consciousness-awareness becomes whole.
Dr. David Hawkins, who wrote "Power versus Force," explains that when we identify with and have an intention to proceed from the field of higher attractors such as peace and love and joy, amazing things happen. When Hawkins understood that he was Spirit, he was able to cure himself of 22 diseases that doctors could not and Hawkins himself was a doctor.

EFT more than anything else is a form of Forgiveness! When we forgive ourself as the generator of all the negative thoughts we have projected onto others, the world and our Creator; our perception of the world changes.

And why did we go through this process of inner torment? Why did we have to be broken down? Simply to get our attention! Because our refusal to recognize that we did not make our self nor by our self can we do anything, made it so! We will be brought to our knees until we recognize our Source; "Whose our Daddy/Mommy!

Rev. Dr. Doug Henderson PhD
Stress Management Consultant
Internationally Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist


NOTE: Thanks to Doug Henderson for this follow up article about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Doug has a website titled: "Quantum Rejeuvenation Unlimited" where it is written:

"The purpose or mission of this website is to provide information and assistance to people on how to reduce the stress and anxiety in their live's; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Fear, anxiety and worry over a lack of anything, whether material or emotional are contributing factors to disease. It is my experience that as the state of awareness improves and subtle energetic balance improves, amazing wellness takes place. The process can be very empowering. Wellness seems to improve in direct proportion to the improvement of the level of awareness or consciousness.

This site is oriented to emphasize relaxation and stress reduction and the ability to excel because you can not learn, you can not heal, you can not rejuvenate (anti-age) the body and you can not perform or excel unless the body, mind and spirit are relaxed which can only come from self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self esteem and self-love.It is only when we love ourselves that we can then love others. In order to accomplish this, Emotional Trauma must be released from the body!

It is also, to provide an awareness that what we constantly think about, dwell upon or give our attention to, we create; because focused attention creates intention which in turn culminates in manifestation. Energy, which functions The Universe does not distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad it simply gives us what we desire and The Universe seems to interpret what we think about, dwell upon or focus our attention on as desire and it provides it to us. So by our thoughts, “as a man thinketh, so is he,” we have created every aspect of who we are, we have created every aspect of our present situation and it is only when we accept responsibility for this process that we can proceed toward raising our level of awareness and consciousness. Hopefully this website can motivate those who attend to better choices that empower their self esteem and personal sovereignty."

This quote is taken from this page at Doug Henderson's website:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) involves simple procedures that are harmless without any negative side effects. These procedures are: affirmations, tapping, counting, humming and rolling your eyes around in your head.

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are using EFT to adjust the body’s subtle energies, with positive results.

Research indicates that EFT, though still in its birthing stages seems to be evolving from the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture. Chinese medicine claims that there are meridians through which the body’s life energy known as “Chi” flows. The significant difference is that the practice of acupuncture requires needles on the body’s energy points while EFT relies solely on touch.

Additionally, while the practice of acupuncture was developed to correct physical issues, EFT was originally developed to adjust emotional imbalances in the body’s energy system. Over time, EFT has grown to remedy both physical and emotional issues. It appears that some unique facets of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are combined with the simplified form of Chinese acupuncture to facilitate the EFT protocol.

Testimonials from people following the EFT procedures, reveals that affirmations, tapping on specific body locations, counting, humming and rolling your eyes around one’s head commonly leads to first, dissolving fears, and later releasing a variety of emotional and physical ailments. It seems that by tapping on the energy meridians, while recalling the memory which triggers the negative emotions release the energy blockages.

Historically, the EFT movement can be traced back about 5000 years when the Chinese first discovered that the human bod has a complex system of energy circuits. More recently, in the 1980’s, an American psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan introduced tapping with his fingertips on specific energy points on patients who were not responding to conventional treatments. At this time, the tapping was not known as EFT.

Gary Craig, a professional engineer, who doubles as a Personal Performance Coach, became a student of Dr. Callahan. By the early 1990’s, Gary Craig has synthesized the science behind the tapping procedures and he labelled the technique EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT became his life’s work and he first created The EFT Manual and later he created this website is:

Gary Craig, one of the strongest advocates of EFT assembled “The Discovery Statement” which reads: “The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

According to Gary Craig, the full Basic Recipe for EFT consists of these four ingredients and takes about two minutes to perform: (1) the Setup, (2) the Sequence, (3) the 9 Gamut Procedure and (4) The Sequence. This Basic Recipe is explained at this website which has a couple of pages from Gary Craig’s Manual:

Gary Craig’s original and official Manual is listed at Amazon at this link: otherwise, it might be found else for FREE elsewhere from any search engine. It is noteworthy to point out that any money generated from sales is used to promote EFT globally. Gary Craig makes no personal profit from EFT products.

This video clip at Youtube “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction” is an excellent introduction to EFT:

Some of the best online resources re: Tapping and EFT are listed at his website:

The diagram of EFT tapping points in the graphic at the top of this page was created by Andy Bryce at this website: By clicking on the icon for “What Is EFT?” one can read “A Brief Explanation of EFT and How To Tap - Including A Diagram.”

NOTE: For more information do a search for “Emotional Freedom Technique” at any search engine. Then try EFT on everything and re-engineer your body’s energy to make previous problems disappear.

NOTE: Here is one of my affirmations re: EFT - “Even though I abhor the fact that usury causes wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack, I deeply and completely accept and love myself.”

Other SDI entrepreneurs are invited to create and repeat personal affirmations designed to help usher in a new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lifestyle For Living Cancer Free

By John Tod

NOTE: More and more people afflicted with "cancer diagnosis" are looking for information about alternative therapies and solutions to optimal health and wellness. This article by John Tod offers lots of relevant information for those seeking to re-educate themselves.

"As we all know cancer is on the rise. Over one hundred years ago it was a medical oddity. In 1970 it was projected that 1 out of 10 people would be touched by cancer sometime in their lifetime. It could be something as simple as Melanoma, a touch of shin cancer in the form of a mole that won't heal to something far worse. Now that projection has risen to 1 in 3 will be touched by cancer. Soon it will be not "if" you will get cancer but "when".

The conventional cancer cures do not address the core problem. Our environment and food chain is loaded with chemicals. Cattle are injected with Growth Hormones in the U.S. It has been banned in Canada and several other countries. Anti-biotics are routinely given to cattle on factory farms where cattle are raised to market weight and then slaughtered. These cattle are usually fed the cheapest feed available so the anti-biotics are virtually necessary to keep the cattle alive until they reach market weight.

Cancer CAN be cured by a simple body detox to rid ourselves of these chemicals that we have been consuming and a major diet change in a lot cases. Sometimes our bodies need a little more help. More on that later. Our bodies are amazing biological machines and will repair themselves IF WE GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO DO SO. When our immune systems are overloaded with toxins this becomes impossible and we end up with cancer. The standard "cure" is to poison the cancer with chemo drugs which drastically lowers the immune system and harms every cell in the body.

There is a definite link between the Cancer Society and the big pharmaceutic companies that is closer to being proven the more that information is dug up on the internet. Many proven cures are debunked by the Cancer Society as "useless." Not ONE mention of body detoxing or a diet change is mentioned! Radiation takes out the target of the radiation but also has a great affect on the tissue it passes through. Does it make sense to do more harm to your body to attempt to cure it? NO suggestion of a diet change is ever given by your doctor because doctors are NOT taught that. The closest they will do is hand you Canada's Food Guide or tell you to eat more vegetables and fruit. They are trained to deliver prescription drugs as the cure all for all diseases when a "clean" diet is all that is needed.

Processed food is where the worst harm is. Read the label on most processed food and you will find a list of chemicals you can't even pronounce. There are taste enhancers, preservatives, colouring and "artificial flavouring" which are often not disclosed. Fast food is often full of fillers and animal parts that should not be in meat for human consumption. A lot of burger places advertise "100% beef" but what parts?

Coloring and artificial flavours are a real worry but the worst is taste enhancers and preservatives. These chemicals will destroy many bacteria in out digestive system that are necessary to keep us healthy. Diet drinks often contain Aspartame that you often hear about. It was railroaded through the FDA in the U.S. after being turned down multiple times and now is in everything that needs an artificial sweetener.

Crops are routinely sprayed with pesticides to keep the bugs off them. These pesticides enter the vegetable or the fruit and stay there. Washing them does little good.

In short we are being literally being poisoned to death. All these chemicals when they get together in our bodies produce a lethal soup that lowers our immune systems and makes our bodies a breeding ground for cancer. People's diets are getting worse and worse with all the fast food and junk food loaded with chemicals that are available.

We MUST change our diet and our lifestyle or we will perish. Its that's simple.

What I propose is a Facebook page for the Ottawa area (whose name is to be decided) on where to get meat, poultry, eggs, and vegetables that is organically raised. REAL organic foods that have been certified as organic are EXPENSIVE but I have managed to source a beef farmer who raises his cattle the "natural" way and an elk farmer who does the same thing. I have also managed to source a an egg producer who supplies Rainbow Foods who has recently converted to free roam chickens that are NOT injected with any drugs or anti-biotics. They are not officially classed as organic so their prices are a lot lower than "certified organic." We need to find more of these sources and make people aware of them.

We MUST change our diets to included a LOT more fruit and veggies and cut out ALL fast food, junk food, ANYTHING made with flour and SUGAR. Salt is harmful as well. Most processed food contains a LOT of salt. Make natural food dishes and use SEA SALT which provides your body with trace elements that are not often found in processed food because the processing often removes these elements.

Two of the big ones is body PH balancing and SUGAR. Cancer cells LOVE sugar. Eliminate sugar and that will go a long way to "starving" cancer cells. There are safe sugar substitutes such as Stevia to use instead. If you can boost the bodies PH balance to become more alkaline cancer cells cannot thrive, in fact the will actually start to die off.

Will you join this new Facebook group when it is formed? Your life could depend on it."

Please reply at my website: "My-Cancer-Cures"
John Tod

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Billion Dollar Club of SDI Companies

AND The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry Will Come Of Age With The “SDI University”

By Tom J. Kennedy

Though we are experiencing a failing and faltering economy by design, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry which was birthed in the mid-20th Century, continues to flourish as we progress into this 21stCentruy. Various SDI companies are experiencing record-breaking years as annual, retail sales revenues steadily increase.

Research indicates that numerous SDI companies are making significant gains in a challenging economy where the conventional, Trans-national, retail corporations are struggling to maintain market share.

Without a doubt, the secret to the ongoing success of multiple SDI companies is (a) their quality product lines at reasonable and fair prices (b) personalized service for preferred customers and (c) creative sales and marketing plans that fairly reward SDI entrepreneurs for their sales and marketing efforts.

A growing selection of health and wellness products are surfacing within the SDI industry. Melaleuca, founded in 1985, assumed a leadership role in 2011 with the unique achievement of $1 billion in retail sales. Melaleuca refers to its marketing strategy/plan as a “consumer-direct” marketing model.

Melaleuca joined the Billion Dollar Club of SDI companies which includes: Avon, Amway, Vorwerk, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Primerica, Tupperware, Forever Living. Oriflame, Natura, Nuskin – and perhaps other noteworthy billion dollar SDI companies that I am not yet aware of.

Additionally, there are countless other successful SDI companies that have not yet achieved the Billion dollar landmark, but just as the billion dollar SDI companies, they are well-respected corporations that pride themselves in marketing selected, quality products directly to consumers who are enrolled in the respective company networks of SDI entrepreneurs.

It is common for all successful, SDI companies to have sales and marketing plans that offer residual income(s) through various levels to active SDI entrepreneurs who maintain the minimum monthly purchases as outlined in the company policy.

Residual income is defined as: “income that continues to come in month after month and year after year because of the repeat purchases of products by loyal consumers.”

It is the sales and marketing efforts as well as the personal purchases of all the enrolled SDI entrepreneurs (in their respective SDI companies) that creates and increases the residual income(s) of all those who choose to participate by operating a part-time or full enterprise.

Indeed, the concept of ongoing residual income is the foundation of any successful SDI enterprise and new customers are commonly enrolled as SDI entrepreneurs to offset the previous customers (SDI entrepreneurs) who are lost due to attrition.

The questions arises: “Why is attrition so high in the SDI industry?" The term “attrition” is applied to SDI entrepreneurs who terminate or do not renew their annual membership with their chosen SDI business opportunity.

Historically, the rate of attrition in the SDI industry has been an ongoing concern since this unique sales and marketing industry was birthed in the 1950’s. Research indicates that most newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs have little or no knowledge about how to launch and operate a home-based enterprise.

Before being exposed to the SDI industry, most people have been conditioned with an employee mentality where they expect a higher authority (boss) to tell them what to do when they report for work each day.

Initially, potential SDI entrepreneurs are commonly enrolled by a friend or family member who has been introduced to the business opportunity. The enroller rarely has any previous experience in sales and marketing but the emotional connection is sufficient for the new prospect to also enroll.

Together as a newly created team, these newest SDI entrepreneurs approach family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues with sketchy details of their (often accidentally) chosen SDI opportunity and the products and/or services offered. After a few rejections, novice SDI entrepreneurs routinely quit and decide that s/he will not pursue the chosen SDI opportunity.

Since formal education teaches little or nothing about “entrepreneurism” it is really no surprise that the rate of attrition within the SDI industry is alarmingly high. What is needed is a concept such as an “SDI University.” Way back in the mid-20th Century when McDonald’s was expanding, potential employees were schooled in the fast-food business at “Hamburger University.” It was Fred Turner, Ray Kroc’s first grillman who founded “Hamburger University” – a “Centre of Training Excellence” - in the basement of a McDonald’s restaurant in Elk Grove, Illinois in 1961.

Likewise, if the SDI industry is to mature and become the leading sales and marketing model of the 21st Century, I daresay that an “SDI University” is needed to properly school potential SDI entrepreneurs.

In this regard, I offer the SDI Eye Opener as a starting point where newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs are invited to read the posts and become familiar with the SDI industry and some of the resources that are now available. I have also made a page at Facebook for the “UsuryFree SDI University.”

Historically, many SDI companies have been including in the fine print of their respective contracts, details that limit what the newly enrolled SDI entrepreneur can do or not do. Too often a high profile SDI entrepreneur has been terminated by the SDI home office company because s/he decided to build an SDI Portfolio to guarantee monthly earnings from more than one source.

While I understand the rational why SDI home office companies selfishly restrict their SDI entrepreneurs to marketing products and/or services from their selected SDI opportunity, I point out that such restrictions are not favourable to fostering unfettered free enterprise.

It is my observation that just as mom and pop retail stores in our local communities market more than one company’s products and/or services, so too, should SDI entrepreneurs be permitted to market more than one SDI company’s products and/or services – once they become familiar with the structure of the SDI industry.

Too often, I hear the over-worked pitch that SDI entrepreneurs can effectively market products and/or services from only one selected SDI company. This concept could be addressed and debated at the SDI University along with other sales and marketing ideas.

The SDI University could also take a leadership role in teaching SDI entrepreneurs how to negotiate trades with prospective consumers whereby the consumers would pay the wholesale portion of any purchase with federal cash and the retail mark-up portion with a local, usuryfree community currency – preferably a usuryfree time currency.

The growing awareness of accepting any usuryfree community currency for partial payment of any negotiated sales is a natural twin for any SDI enterprise. The key to maximizing this creative element is to treat any paper notes of usuryfree community currency as having a value equivalent to paper notes of federal cash or electronic blips of federal money.

For example, a product that retails for $50.00 probably has a wholesale cost of approximately $30.00. Therefore, the SDI entrepreneur could offer this product for sale and accept $30.00 federal cash and accept the equivalent of $20.00 of any usuryfree time currency. This idea would help re-build the spirit of local community and everyone who participates would be a winner.

Readers are invited to offer other ideas/concept which could be taught at SDI university such as how having a part-time, home-based enterprise offers many additional tax benefits not readily available to salaried or employees on an hourly wage.

NOTE: Introducing The UsuryFree SDI (Self Directed Income) University