Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lifestyle For Living Cancer Free

By John Tod

NOTE: More and more people afflicted with "cancer diagnosis" are looking for information about alternative therapies and solutions to optimal health and wellness. This article by John Tod offers lots of relevant information for those seeking to re-educate themselves.

"As we all know cancer is on the rise. Over one hundred years ago it was a medical oddity. In 1970 it was projected that 1 out of 10 people would be touched by cancer sometime in their lifetime. It could be something as simple as Melanoma, a touch of shin cancer in the form of a mole that won't heal to something far worse. Now that projection has risen to 1 in 3 will be touched by cancer. Soon it will be not "if" you will get cancer but "when".

The conventional cancer cures do not address the core problem. Our environment and food chain is loaded with chemicals. Cattle are injected with Growth Hormones in the U.S. It has been banned in Canada and several other countries. Anti-biotics are routinely given to cattle on factory farms where cattle are raised to market weight and then slaughtered. These cattle are usually fed the cheapest feed available so the anti-biotics are virtually necessary to keep the cattle alive until they reach market weight.

Cancer CAN be cured by a simple body detox to rid ourselves of these chemicals that we have been consuming and a major diet change in a lot cases. Sometimes our bodies need a little more help. More on that later. Our bodies are amazing biological machines and will repair themselves IF WE GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO DO SO. When our immune systems are overloaded with toxins this becomes impossible and we end up with cancer. The standard "cure" is to poison the cancer with chemo drugs which drastically lowers the immune system and harms every cell in the body.

There is a definite link between the Cancer Society and the big pharmaceutic companies that is closer to being proven the more that information is dug up on the internet. Many proven cures are debunked by the Cancer Society as "useless." Not ONE mention of body detoxing or a diet change is mentioned! Radiation takes out the target of the radiation but also has a great affect on the tissue it passes through. Does it make sense to do more harm to your body to attempt to cure it? NO suggestion of a diet change is ever given by your doctor because doctors are NOT taught that. The closest they will do is hand you Canada's Food Guide or tell you to eat more vegetables and fruit. They are trained to deliver prescription drugs as the cure all for all diseases when a "clean" diet is all that is needed.

Processed food is where the worst harm is. Read the label on most processed food and you will find a list of chemicals you can't even pronounce. There are taste enhancers, preservatives, colouring and "artificial flavouring" which are often not disclosed. Fast food is often full of fillers and animal parts that should not be in meat for human consumption. A lot of burger places advertise "100% beef" but what parts?

Coloring and artificial flavours are a real worry but the worst is taste enhancers and preservatives. These chemicals will destroy many bacteria in out digestive system that are necessary to keep us healthy. Diet drinks often contain Aspartame that you often hear about. It was railroaded through the FDA in the U.S. after being turned down multiple times and now is in everything that needs an artificial sweetener.

Crops are routinely sprayed with pesticides to keep the bugs off them. These pesticides enter the vegetable or the fruit and stay there. Washing them does little good.

In short we are being literally being poisoned to death. All these chemicals when they get together in our bodies produce a lethal soup that lowers our immune systems and makes our bodies a breeding ground for cancer. People's diets are getting worse and worse with all the fast food and junk food loaded with chemicals that are available.

We MUST change our diet and our lifestyle or we will perish. Its that's simple.

What I propose is a Facebook page for the Ottawa area (whose name is to be decided) on where to get meat, poultry, eggs, and vegetables that is organically raised. REAL organic foods that have been certified as organic are EXPENSIVE but I have managed to source a beef farmer who raises his cattle the "natural" way and an elk farmer who does the same thing. I have also managed to source a an egg producer who supplies Rainbow Foods who has recently converted to free roam chickens that are NOT injected with any drugs or anti-biotics. They are not officially classed as organic so their prices are a lot lower than "certified organic." We need to find more of these sources and make people aware of them.

We MUST change our diets to included a LOT more fruit and veggies and cut out ALL fast food, junk food, ANYTHING made with flour and SUGAR. Salt is harmful as well. Most processed food contains a LOT of salt. Make natural food dishes and use SEA SALT which provides your body with trace elements that are not often found in processed food because the processing often removes these elements.

Two of the big ones is body PH balancing and SUGAR. Cancer cells LOVE sugar. Eliminate sugar and that will go a long way to "starving" cancer cells. There are safe sugar substitutes such as Stevia to use instead. If you can boost the bodies PH balance to become more alkaline cancer cells cannot thrive, in fact the will actually start to die off.

Will you join this new Facebook group when it is formed? Your life could depend on it."

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John Tod

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