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Following Up re: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

NOTE: I recommend that readers review the previous article titled:
"Introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)"

An Explanation of EFT and Light Energy

By Doug Henderson

Perhaps I can give you some additional insight as to why EFT works and the 5 or 6 other techniques that have evolved from the original TFT (Callaghan).

Every moment we are receiving light energy. Recently it was discovered by a Korean scientist something the ancient people seemed to have known.

There is information in this light energy. Something that I have believed for a long time is that the light energy we absorb contains unconditional love. It is contained in the space of every atomic or quantum particle. This is the area known as zero point energy that science is currently trying to harness. We absorb this light information/unconditional love via the chakras, skin, eyes, and pineal gland.

The chakras are the primary source of input and they act like step down transformers to convert this unconditional love to a form of energy the body can use to function. The information is contained in an etheric layer called the Etheric Double about 1/4-1/2 an inch from the body. This etheric layer contains the blueprint or instructions on how to function the body. The chakras send this light energy via the acupuncture meridian system which is a system of micro light tubules that transport light energy to every cell of the body.

However, the thoughts we have/emit can interfere with this message of unconditional love. You see your mind is not housed within the brain it is housed within a mental etheric layer beyond the body. The brain is simply a transmitting/receiving and sensing device. The feelings and emotions that we experience are part of a collective broad band width (like a tv signal, radio signal or wifi)that we tune into, identify or resonate/entrain with. (tune into according to our level of consciousness.) All of these mixed communication signals are creating confusion and a disturbance within the field that prevents us from knowing our True Self.

When we are experiencing a particular feeling, thought or emotion we are identifying with a particular universal or collective bandwidth that we tap into. It is this identification/acceptance with a negative or lower attractor thought or feeling or emotion that is the problem because we believe that the collection of our thoughts and beliefs is what we are. We say this is our personality, it's what makes us an individual and we will defend our beliefs unto death. Dr. David Hawkins claims that 97% of all historic events have been acts of war.

This is the ego which is the Mark of the Beast that mankind tends to identify with and it would have us believe that we are the body and believe in death as a termination point, as a means to prevent us from healing and moving toward enlightenment or God-Consciousness.

The Heart-Math Institute claims that we spend 96.6% of our time having negative feelings/thoughts. This is the self-torment, the inner chatter, the self-sabotage. These feelings/thoughts that we generate over-ride the program of unconditional love and distort the message being sent to us. This is a process of interfering with Creation and this new message via a quantum trickle down effect makes its way to the etheric double just outside the body and this is the new information/instructions the cells of the body now receive on how to function.

This is how we interfere with Creation. This is how we create dis-ease in the body. This is why thoughts are so important and how it is that we as co-creators have the ability to mis-create via freedom of choice. This new distorted information now makes its way through the meridian pathways and creates "blockages to love," within us.

This is why Forgiveness is so important. The challenge is that what we have been taught about Forgiveness does not work. It does not work because; the forgiving party feels that they are somehow superior to the party being forgiven. The truth is we are one and we all connected by mind. Nor is there any recognition by the forgiving party that they were the self-generator of the thoughts that were projected onto the individual or circumstance that manifested a mis-perceived outcome of their brother/sister and/or the event. We are powerful self-generators of every circumstance we create need to forgive our self (lower- self/ego-self) for this arrogance before Creation.

The process of forgiveness does not need to be complicated. Only we humans tend to complicate things. It seems to be our nature to do so and expend a lot of needless energy in the process defending our perception of the world.

The process of tapping the end points of meridians unblocks these blockages to love and synergistically skips over the need to dredge up the negative emotional feelings that we created in the first place. All healing and all raising of consciousness requires the elimination of these blockages. If we wish to heal or raise our level of consciousness there must be a surrender to a Higher Source because it was by our thoughts and beliefs which we unconsciously created within 1/10,000 of a second as an attempt to control every aspect of our circumstance in life. Its a case of asking the Dr. Phil question; "So how is it working for you so far?"

The paradox is that it is Life that must be surrendered to. Some might call Life; God or Spirit. In doing so, the recognition comes that we are not just the body. The body is simply the densest vibration field of an overall etheric being. It is only because we have chosen to limit our senses that we perceive and identify ourself with the body and this is what we mistakenly think we are. We are not the body. We are this Spirit, this unconditional Love that functions the body. This is what we truly are and when we learn to stop interfering with this natural state we recognize our true perfection.

The opening statement in EFT might begin with, "I deeply and completely accept myself even thought I am feeling ______________." I modify this statement with one word which is very, very significant; "I deeply and completely Love and accept myself even though I am feeling _____________." It is only when we love our self that we can recognize Creation or love another. I call this recognizing, "Whose Your Daddy/Mommy!" In the beginning, it might be advisable to just do the global tapping procedure using the statement; “I deeply and completely Love and accept myself.”

Love does not conquer. Love corrects all and the intention to do so leads to peace. Achieving this higher vibrational state causes dis-ease to be burned off and others around you and your world to be transformed. If you think this will take a long time, it will. But it can also happen in a wholly instant.

The power of intention that we have is all powerful particularly when the intention is aligned with and surrendered to this Higher Source. And what is surrender? It is not complicated. It is simply a willingness to let go (surrender) the egoic thoughts and focus on the Spiritual Heart and simply be aware of your breathing and as we do so have a loving intention for peace within.
The EFT statement is a form of surrender. If you can combine this with the recognition that you are Spirit that functions the body and not just the body, healing follows.

This is why when you heal the mind, the body follows and it happens as your level of consciousness-awareness becomes whole.
Dr. David Hawkins, who wrote "Power versus Force," explains that when we identify with and have an intention to proceed from the field of higher attractors such as peace and love and joy, amazing things happen. When Hawkins understood that he was Spirit, he was able to cure himself of 22 diseases that doctors could not and Hawkins himself was a doctor.

EFT more than anything else is a form of Forgiveness! When we forgive ourself as the generator of all the negative thoughts we have projected onto others, the world and our Creator; our perception of the world changes.

And why did we go through this process of inner torment? Why did we have to be broken down? Simply to get our attention! Because our refusal to recognize that we did not make our self nor by our self can we do anything, made it so! We will be brought to our knees until we recognize our Source; "Whose our Daddy/Mommy!

Rev. Dr. Doug Henderson PhD
Stress Management Consultant
Internationally Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist


NOTE: Thanks to Doug Henderson for this follow up article about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Doug has a website titled: "Quantum Rejeuvenation Unlimited" where it is written:

"The purpose or mission of this website is to provide information and assistance to people on how to reduce the stress and anxiety in their live's; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Fear, anxiety and worry over a lack of anything, whether material or emotional are contributing factors to disease. It is my experience that as the state of awareness improves and subtle energetic balance improves, amazing wellness takes place. The process can be very empowering. Wellness seems to improve in direct proportion to the improvement of the level of awareness or consciousness.

This site is oriented to emphasize relaxation and stress reduction and the ability to excel because you can not learn, you can not heal, you can not rejuvenate (anti-age) the body and you can not perform or excel unless the body, mind and spirit are relaxed which can only come from self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self esteem and self-love.It is only when we love ourselves that we can then love others. In order to accomplish this, Emotional Trauma must be released from the body!

It is also, to provide an awareness that what we constantly think about, dwell upon or give our attention to, we create; because focused attention creates intention which in turn culminates in manifestation. Energy, which functions The Universe does not distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad it simply gives us what we desire and The Universe seems to interpret what we think about, dwell upon or focus our attention on as desire and it provides it to us. So by our thoughts, “as a man thinketh, so is he,” we have created every aspect of who we are, we have created every aspect of our present situation and it is only when we accept responsibility for this process that we can proceed toward raising our level of awareness and consciousness. Hopefully this website can motivate those who attend to better choices that empower their self esteem and personal sovereignty."

This quote is taken from this page at Doug Henderson's website:

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  1. "The EFT statement is a form of surrender. If you can combine this with the recognition that you are Spirit that functions the body and not just the body, healing follows."

    Yes, not only surrender but acceptance. You need to accept your failures, mistakes so that you will be free from anything that burdens you.