Monday, November 29, 2010

Notes from a debtor - who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur

The key part of the equation that debtors don’t yet understand is how we are all slaves to an economic system that is designed to keep 90% of the debtors in bondage for their entire life - generation after generation. Debtors don’t have any money available to help others because the ‘system’ is stealing it from them. And it’s stealing it from everybody – it’s just that most people haven’t realized it yet.

Those who are ready and willing to be re-educated are a top priority to me all of the time. I keep encouraging youth to take a step ahead of the crowd and reach out and become informed beyond the walls of formal education and then strive to become an innovative leader in the SDI industry where the future is getting brighter all of the time.

I can only invite others to take the action that must be taken if debtors are ever to break out of ‘debt bondage.’ I have learned that I can only invite anyone to do something and then I must respect whatever choice any individual makes.

Right now, Great Life International, Optimum Earth and Asea are three SDI opportunities that are working for those who are choosing to make a difference in this world. I have connected myself with a brilliant SDI team in cyberspace and anyone who chooses to participate could have the benefit of their expertise and learn how to achieve goals and reap financial rewards that are not available to salaried employees working for an employer.

It is possible to earn good money with any one or (or all) of these three SDI opportunities - Great Life International, Optimal Earth and Asea - at this time. I have a plan to build an SDI network in tandem with the Third Market Network. Though I’m saddened when any new prospect declines to be active as an enthusiastic SDI entrepreneur on my front line, but I respect everyone's choice.

I regularly send out emails inviting my ‘cyberspace associates’ who double as ‘usuryfree creatives’ to join on my front line and become leaders with me. I know that some will respond and others will decline. Of course, anyone who declines now will always be welcome to join with our team at any time in the future.

Salaried employees keep complaining about the ‘job’ but most employees are not yet willing to really move out and take charge of their life and earn the kind of income that they are capable of. Obviously, they do not yet fully understand the magnitude of my plans and ideas and how they are directly related to debtors everywhere.

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to doing my part to usher in a new age of ‘usuryfree’ living which will guarantee debtors a lifestyle of prosperity, abundance and peace and plenty – a lifestyle that debtors will never achieve if we-the-people do not change the ‘system’ that is (and has been) keeping us in financial bondage for generation after generation.

Over the years, I have sacrificed all of the material trappings and instead I have spent my time and money researching to find the ‘truth.’ And I have found the ‘truth’ and the ‘lies, deceit and deception’ that is being broadcast to us by the mainstream media is being exposed more and more all the time. Now my time is here! I have been working in the trenches since the early 1980’s and finally I now have a good feeling about where we are going with the Third Market Network as a vehicle, which will release multiple millions from the jaws of usury.

I do not regard typed and emailed comments as an attack and I do welcome any reasonable confrontation because it permits me to respond by likewise typing. You see, when I was growing up I never had any practice in expressing myself as it was uncommon for anyone to have an original idea. We were brainwashed into rural Ontario Catholicism and we were never permitted to ask questions - just have faith and believe. Neither is this a negative criticism of my parents who loved me dearly. They were conditioned to view the world with what they had learned from their parents etc.

I often talk about ‘my stuff’ and the potential that I see rather than everyday things because the everyday things are so mundane and the everyday things keep us locked into a closed kind of thinking that suits the PTB’s (Powers That Be).

I don’t question others’ decisions and I have always made an effort to avoid such judgment. It is my intention to permit each individual to grow and live life’s journey as s/he chooses. I am usually proud of the choices of people within my circles of influence.

I do have misgivings about the youth in general - blindly walking into the ‘system’ like a flock of sheep going to slaughter now that I have learned so much about the ‘lies, deceit and deception’ that are an integral part of the ‘system.’ I have acquired so much knowledge to share BUT in my heart I know that many people are not likely to be interested. As debtors they are trapped in the ‘system’ and probably married with children while being saddled with more and more ‘debt’ that keeps growing with the exacting of usury on a monthly basis. One day they will awaken and ask questions and question the answers - then they will be ready to commit to becoming usuryfree,

That’s what happened with the mother of my children and myself. We got married and expected marital bliss and with the responsibility of the children the debts grow and like most families we got systematically trapped. I dared to be different and learned how and why the masses are being brainwashed into being subservient financial slaves to the PTB’s.

The fears of the mother of my children kept her submissive to the ‘system’ and she called me crazy and put me down because I challenged the banking system and many other segments of the ‘system.’ My actions of challenging the ‘system’ created great fear in the mother of my children because when you challenge the ‘system’ you threaten the security of the woman (my wife and the mother of my children.) My separation and divorce was inevitable.

That happening only made my resolve stronger to keep doing the research and to expose the faults of the ‘system’ so that it could be fixed before my children had to live similar horrible experiences. So you see, the rabbit hole does go deep and I love researching and sharing knowledge and that’s why I do what I do.

My parents rarely let me make my own decisions as a youth. My mother and father decided that I should go to Ottawa Teacher’s College and I really had no choice in it. I decided that I would never pressure any of my own children about school or career though I will invite them and their youthful peers to be ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers and be open to looking at and exploring ideas that are not necessarily advocated by the mainstream.

It is good to support the decisions of others to the best that I am capable of though I do not have a lot of faith in the ‘system’ that our formal education leads the youth into because I have found out how that ‘system’ is designed to steal property from those who are not awakened to the real hidden agenda of that ‘system.’

Why would I be excited and encourage anyone to walk into the same ‘system’ that I walked into 42 years ago? Here I am at 62 years of age and broke because I believed in the ‘system’ that my mother and father told me to believe in. The ‘system’ trapped me and then financially destroyed me.

It does hurt sometimes that those who are closest to me (family) are the ones who put me down and laugh at me and my ideas for making this world a better place. However, I have learned to have a thick skin and to keep pursuing my self-imposed dreams and missions regardless of what others say and think. Thankfully, I am getting more and more support for my ideas from other awakening individuals (former strangers who are now my best friends) who meet me in real life situations and/or who contact me through the cyberspace.

Exposing lies, deceit and deception and revealing truth inspires me, what inspires you? Looking forward to networking with others to create a brighter future where we will experience the reality of usuryfree living and therefore live from our hearts.

Readers are invited to read more postings here at The SDI Eye Opener. When you are ready to become and SDI entrepreneur email a message to: with "I choose to become an SDI entrepreneur" in the Subject line.

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