Thursday, October 7, 2010

SDI Entrepreneurs and Politics In This 21st Century

By Tom J. Kennedy

There is a cocky self-confidence being expressed by more and more SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs otherwise known as multi-level marketers and/or network marketers. The nostalgic days of wage-slaving servitude may be over in the not-too-distant future.

These part-time and/or full time SDI entrepreneurs of the exponentially expanding SDI movement are blaring a constant warning to politicians at all levels of government. The message is expose the design flaw of 'usury' and promote the option of 'usuryfree' time currency, foster free enterprise, preserve freedom, and reduce government size and spending - or there'll be a 'rallying' together to turf out the political actors on stage at the various levels of government and replace them with a unique breed of politicians who have acquired entrepreneurial experience in the real world where producers who double as prosumers are rewarded.

Certainly some independent SDI entrepreneurs - whose prime source of product was the Amway Corporation, one of the respected pioneers of the SDI industry - gently flexed their collective muscle within the political arena of the Progressive Conservative Party during the campaign for leadership in the Spring of 1983 and the mainstream media barely considered their actions as newsworthy. Peter Pocklington's run at the PC leadership was definitely ushered along by the 'free enterprise factor of the SDI industry.' Much has happened during the past 27 years to raise the awareness of we-the-people and thereby motivate us to action.

Continuing government meddling within the SDI industry coupled with the erosion of our freedoms and ongoing resistance from the conventional, corporate, capitalist connection of Usury Elites is blowing a prevailing sentiment among the ever-expanding SDI industry. If there is going to be political clout by the SDI entrepreneurs in future federal, provincial and/or municipal elections then this fragmented industry must become unified very quickly for the days of reckoning are fast approaching. It's time to join our online, loyal database NOW and immediately change the way we spend our money and our time.

It has been said that farmers sweat, wage slaves perspire and SDI entrepreneurs shine. If this is true then North America's recent productivity and progress is partially indebted to the shining success of those SDI entrepreneurs whose numbers are now approaching three million in Canada and multiple millions worldwide. The concept of being self-employed and creating and maintaining a Portfolio of Self Directed Income(s) is gaining acceptance and popularity because employers can no longer blithely assure their formerly loyal and productive employees of future economic security. Neither can SDI 'home offices' limit SDI entrepreneurs to earning income from one source as they did during the 20th Century. Nor can financial planners promise gain from mutual funds after having advised their clients to lose trillions during the early years of this 21st Century.

It is impossible for crafty, self-serving politicians to hoodwink these enterprising SDI entrepreneurs for they have armed themselves with 'truth' and 'in depth' knowledge about 'economics, human nature and personal growth.' Apathy may have dominated the political arena during the 20th Century BUT in the 21st Century political involvement by SDI entrepreneurs will make a critical difference and votes will be delivered to politicians who 'listen and hear' and then 'take action' with their newly acquired knowledge based on 'truth' instead of 'lies, deceit and deception' and learned beyond the walls of formal education.

SDI entrepreneurs are not involved in their respective part-time and/or full time enterprises just for extra income, although that is one of the rewards for wisely investing a little money and a lot of time. They are collectively working to achieve goals 'greater then life.' It is probably in their favour that the SDI industry has been dismissed as 'not newsworthy' by the mainstream media and conventional, corporate Canada (and America) during its initial growth stages from the 1950's until 2000. In this 21st Century, the SDI industry is now positioned to enhance its growth and image by networking in real life and on the internet, thereby being independent of the mainstream media.

As the SDI industry continues to expand exponentially around this diminishing global village, more and more voters from the squeezed middle class are recognizing that this explosive industry is acquiring sufficient numbers to create the critical mass needed to wield significant political clout. It follows that the optimal way for informed SDI entrepreneurs to ensure a sympathetic ear hears their cry for liberty and freedom is to start 're-educating' themselves and politicizing (a) individually within their respective SDI networks and (b) collectively as one unified voice.

There will be ample occasions in future federal, provincial and municipal elections to select and support political candidates in the respective local ridings who display an 'in depth' understanding of the SDI industry and the 'greater than life' goals of the participants. Currently, SDI entrepreneurs are seeking to optimally ‘network’ their message by creating an affinity with one or more of the so-called ‘fringe’ political parties - whether it be in provincial or federal politics.

New recruits and seasoned SDI entrepreneurs need to be presented with updated knowledge and 'truth' that will give them a clear understanding of how human nature relates to economics, politics and power. Armed with the 'truth' about politics, economics, health, spirituality, energy and some learned marketing skills and personal growth skills as well as a bit of enthusiasm they can multiply and duplicate their efforts effectively and rapidly given the ease of modern telecommunications now available within the infrastructure of the SDI industry. In the 21st Century countless millions of 're-educated' voters will vote for the right political choices - which are unlikely to be dissimilar.

Sponsoring leaders and 'home office' suppliers within the SDI industry must encourage their respective networks to become astute and politically aware. Every SDI entrepreneur must be armed with the knowledge to defend those values which are cherished and must be preserved such as personal freedom, economic freedom, and freedom of speech and association. If the action of endorsing these freedoms limits the political choices open to SDI entrepreneurs then - so be it. We must protect our cherished freedoms or lose what permits us to grow and evolve.

Seminars on 'truths' about politics, economics, energy, health, freedoms, and free enterprise must be jointly sponsored by various SDI networks and politically astute leaders from participating political parties. The haunting criticism of 'exploitation of a captive audience' will be discounted when the sponsoring leadership of the respective SDI networks agree to forgo greed and arrange such seminars at a minimum fee just to recover costs and and further expand the message. In fact, it is recommended that admission to such seminars be arranged so that participants pay a portion of federal cash and a portion of 'usuryfree' time currency for each ticket. It should also be noted that the greatest 'exploitation' of a captive audience' occurs with the multiple millions of the masses who passively rely on the mainstream media and docilely accept their ill-informed, questionable persuasion and bias as the one true gospel.

If 'selling a service or product' and/or 'showing a plan' dignifies the 'sponsored followers' then 'learning new information' to better understand economics, politics and their (the Usury Elites) New World Order from the 'sponsored followers' will not humiliate any sponsoring leadership who may not 'know that they do not know.' Immediate profits from rallies, meetings, seminars, workshops, books and cassettes (audio and video) will have to be sacrificed by all sponsoring leaders while all SDI entrepreneurs concentrate on 're-educating' their respective networks on the absolute necessity of participating fully in the political process in elections at all levels of government beginning now and continuing into the 21st Century.

Without a doubt, SDI entrepreneurs in Canada and elsewhere have an opportunity and a responsibility to 'teach' to their ever expanding networks any 'truth' that they learn. It is within the grasp of the SDI associates to create the critical mass needed to redeem all personal freedoms and free enterprise by modelling personal, self-imposed 're-education' and voluntary involvement in the political process. The alternative is to remain ill-informed and apathetic and to be sold out to a future New World Order where our children will be totally enslaved by the Usury Elites' Group of Companies and their current political cronies.

To attempt to shelter oneself and one's SDI network of new recruits from the blossoming SDI industry is to deny the acceptance of the SDI Portfolio concept and pass up not only opportunities to increase one's Self Directed Incomes but also to pass up unparalleled opportunity to lobby for our freedoms and free enterprise by collectively exercising our 'political clout.' The time is right for SDI entrepreneurs everywhere to individually and collectively bombard all aspiring and elected politicians with questions about economics, health, energy, freedoms etc. and to follow up by questioning their answers. Those who answer 'Yes' to the key question: "Will you expose the design flaw of 'usury' and promote the 'usuryfree' time currency option?" deserve your support.

Do NOT leave the decision to commence your 're-education' process and take action to inform your sponsoring leadership, instead plan an event and invite them to attend. Your leadership is needed to lead them in the mission to exercise our SDI political clout. Remember. if you lose your cherished freedoms, you lose what your forefathers longed for, what your children deserve and what makes you grow.

You are invited to explore ideas of how we can build a loyal database of small to medium-sized and home-based businesses.I daresay that we can immediately change the way we spend our money and this database will grow to serve us locally, nationally and internationally. Anyone having questions please call: 1.613.824.1793 or email

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