Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Introducing (TSU) The Social Network That Pays You To Friend

(TSU) The Social Network That Pays You To Friend

TSU Social Network Interview With CEO Sebastian Sobczak

*Member's Short Code: Tom J Kennedy

NOTE: You can join for FREE! Let's frequent this FREE platform and use it to build a new, social networking model whereby the users who provide the content and interaction are fairly rewarded as their image and likeness are monetized for mutual, economic benefit - for both TSU and the users.

Let's shift our focus and invite our open-minded and awakening friends to share their information here at the TSU social network.

TSU is a free social network that gives the social revenues back to you. They instead focus on payments. It's the right thing to do. TSU gives you the ability to onboard your audience by removing ourselves from the sign-up process. Everyone has their own member short code, which is the door to their network.

Is TSU free? It's 100% free, TSU is completely free and they share up to 90% of all network revenue directly to users. Why do they do that? They believe that the greatest asset to any network is you - the community. You are the creators, the artists, generators of amazing content, and deserve to be fairly rewarded for it. We also believe that a network is built from relationships which is why they share as much of the revenue with as many people in the community. If you want to join TSU right now then click the link below. 

*Member's Short Code: Tom J Kennedy

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