Monday, September 9, 2013

While Science Sleeps - A Sweetner (Aspartame) Kills ...

For a very long time I have known that aspartame is a poison BUT I learned a lot more about why when I listened to a lengthy discussion about the dangers of aspartame and methanol on the Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show on Monday, September 9, 2013.

PLEASE share this information with your family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues - with anybody and everybody and take steps to absolutely avoid aspartame.

For example - this information about multiple sclerosis was new information. It is posted at this link:

"An exhaustive analysis of the medical and scientific literature, authored by a uniquely qualified food scientist, persuasively reveals the cause of MS and describes a path to recovery and prevention. The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are identical to those of an uncommon form of poisoning—methanol poisoning.

Individuals who have been exposed to this poison over a long period of time, in fact, develop MS. This poison—methanol–is a major component of cigarette smoke, which, until now, has been the only known cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Monte’s compelling work reveals that this poison is also contained in certain foods that are canned and smoked or have had the insidious sweetener, aspartame, added to them.
Unfortunately, the truth has been obscured due to the fact that methanol is a poison only to humans and not to (laboratory) animals. If you have MS, or love someone who does, you and your physician should read what Dr. Monte has to say about methanol and its link to MS. Chapter 9 examines the cause of MS and posits the simple dietary changes that can save your life."
The dietary changes that you must follow because your life may depend on it are here:

The information at the above link for the Monte-diet is a must read...make a copy and keep it in your kitchen.

"The introduction of aspartame into the food supply of the United States began in the summer of 1981. Since that time, the incidence of Alzheimer’s deaths has increased 100 fold (10,000%). Autism has, with no explanation, increased 25 times (2500%). Autoimmune diseases have reached epidemic proportions, with Lupus (SLE) up 300%, and Multiple Sclerosis, Type II Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis headed out of control. Cancers, the hallmark of formaldehyde exposure, have exploded. Skin cancer has shot up over 400%, liver cancer has tripled, kidney cancer has doubled, and breast cancer is up 50%. The list goes on..... 

This 250 page, full color book uses over 100 colorful illustrations, photographs, tables and graphs to explain to the average person the fascinating process by which methanol, a poison hidden in aspartame and some other foods, is converted to formaldehyde at the very locations in the human body where these diseases originate, revealing, for the first time, the exact details of the probable cause of each. It is a cautionary tale of the legacy of the danger of a poisonous food additive and the failure of a government, corrupted by greed, to safeguard the health and welfare of its people. 

This is a handbook that teaches the tools you will need to protect those you love and inform them about the causes of a number of diseases that have, until now, proven inexplicably elusive to a medical community beholden to Big Pharma ..."

The above paragraph is originally posted at the Amazon weskit at this link:
NOTE: Be sure and read the comments by readers towards the bottom of the page.

While Science Sleeps - Woodrow C. Monte PhD, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition, Arizona State University 

On Monday, September 9, 2013, Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, author of "While Science Sleeps - A Sweetner Kills" was a guest on the second hour of the Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show.

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte's website is titled similarly to the book: "While Science Sleeps."

On Monday, September 9, 2013, Dr. Betty Martini was also a guest on the second hour of the Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show which is archived at

Dr. Betty Martin's website is titled: "Mission Possible World Health International" and she talked about "Aspartame Awareness Week" which was from September 1 - 7, 2013.

PLEASE - do your own research - go to any search engine - StartPage - recommended and search with these words: "is aspartame dangerous to our health" and you will learn lots ...

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke.

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