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A Commentary Motivated by the Article titled “Mitt’s Multi-Level Minions”

By Tom J. Kennedy
The article titled “Mitt’s Multi-Level Minions” is published in the May/June 2012 Issue of Mother Jones magazine. The complete article can be read at this link.
Stephanie Mencimer is quite critical of the (MLM) Multi-Level Marketing sales and marketing industry which was birthed in the mid-20th Century and is still in the evolution process. Stephanie’s research may have been adequate to criticize the ill-informed and misguided, political activities of the leading MLM corporations but it is incomplete for anyone who is intent on fully understanding the power and potential of this unique sales and marketing industry. I daresay that the global banking cartel exerts more influence on Mitt Romney than do the leading corporations that make up the MLM industry.
Permit me to recommend that after readers have read Stephanie Mencimer’s article, they then read and re-read the article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industrywhich is posted at my blog the SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener.
Yet another noteworthy article titled “New Language, Great Names and Unknown Names in the SDI Industry” describes why more and more honourable MLM distributors prefer to refer to themselves as sales and marketing entrepreneurs in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry, thereby leaving behind the negative associations and labels that have been tagged to the MLM industry.

Even though Stephanie Mencimer uses the term “MLM” to describe this sales and marketing industry, for my review I prefer to use the term SDI to portray a more positive image of this sales and marketing industry that is well positioned to become a significant catalyst for re-educating the masses and explaining how they can make a difference as we work to usher in a new age of usuryfree living.
While much of Stephanie Mencimer’s article focuses on the NuSkin product lines and corresponding business opportunity, she makes a gallant effort to point out that when some of the higher profile SDI companies are not signing up distributors, they are recruiting politicians.
For example, (1) the NuSkin corporation made political donations - mostly to Republicans - in the amount of $675,000 from 1989 - 2012. In addition, an ex-president of NuSkin and his son-in-law donated $2 million to Mitt Romney’s super-pac (Restore Our Freedom) via shell companies. (2) The Melaleuca corporation made political donations - mostly to GOPer’s - in the amount of $380,000 from 1989 - 2012. In addition, the Melaleuca corporation donated $1 million to Mitt Romney’s super-pac (Restore Our Freedom). Another noteworthy detail is that Frank Vandersloot, the CEO of Melaleuca is Mitt Romney’s current finance chair. (3) The Alticor (Amway) corporation made political donations - mostly to Republicans - in the amount of $9.3 million, from 1989 - 2012.
While there is evidence of other SDI corporations making significant political donations to political parties (mostly Republicans in the USA, Conservatives in Canada and right wing political parties elsewhere), the three SDI companies listed above are three of the most popular SDI corporations that openly support Mitt Romney for President. The executive teams of these SDI corporations either do not know that Mitt Romney is (a) yet another puppet for their (the global banking cartel) New World Order or (b) are they blindly supporting Mitt Romney simply because he is a Mormon?
I am certain that we can correctly assume that there are multiple thousands of active SDI entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing organizations of the above-listed, SDI corporations who - for lack of knowledge - are influenced and persuaded to make significant, political donations to Republican candidates in the respective stares where they are domiciled.
It is unfortunate indeed, that so many corporate executives of SDI companies and the networks of SDI entrepreneurs who make up the sales and marketing organizations of these high profile SDI corporations have not yet become aware that it matters not whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected to the office of the President of the United States of America, because the shadow power behind the elected politicians never changes. The expression “same machine, different driver” eloquently describes what has been happening in the “political industry” ever since the idea of elections was invented.
There is yet another noteworthy expression that all SDI entrepreneurs might ponder: “If elections were a threat or a hinderance to their (the Powers That Be) New World Order, they would have outlawed them long ago.”
While much of the criticism of the SDI industry by Stephanie Mincimer is justified, there is definite merit and creative advantage to the unique sales and marketing strategy that is fundamental to the growth and evolution of the SDI industry.
As is mentioned in the article referred to above, it has been said that a change in language is the best way to leave behind negative and misguided attitudes about any tried and proven marketing model that is in a constant state of evolution.
For this very reason, myself and other astute SDI entrepreneurs with former experience in the SDI industry, pooled our thoughts and resources in the latter years of the 20th Century, to evaluate the true power and potential of this unique sales and marketing industry - which is still in its birthing process.
Firstly, we invited participants to refer to the MLM industry or Network Marketing industry as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. Then we coached the participants to use the word “enrol” rather than “recruit” or “sponsor” when making a sales pitch to a new prospect. Next we advocated using the words “team,” “organization,” or “network” rather than the words “upline” or “downline” - since historically, there was a dominant attitude that somehow “uplines” wrongly assumed they had some sort of “power” over “downlines.”
On another tangent, we encouraged all who choose to participate as active, SDI entrepreneurs to make a sincere effort to re-educate themselves about the “invisible” or “shadow” power that lies behind politicians at every level of government - municipal, provincial/state and federal. 

We also encouraged a specific focus on understanding the “truth” about modern money creation and how the function of usury (interest) in our orthodox, economic system of debt money unfairly favours the creditors at the expense of the debtors. A key point about the leaders in the respective SDI companies is that - when they are fully re-educated - they can by the click of a mouse send this critical information to multiple thousands of people from all over the world.
With this newly acquired knowledge, informed SDI entrepreneurs are unlikely to be hoodwinked in the future, to donate monetary (or otherwise) contributions of their scarce supply of usury-based, debt money to any politician of any political stripe - unless of course, they would show integrity and honour and dutifully promise to make monetary reform a political priority, if elected.
Informed SDI entrepreneurs also embrace the “shop local” phenomenon that has surfaced in recent years, and likewise support the advancement of the usuryfree time currency movement. As active SDI entrepreneurs, they realize that they have access to quality products and/or services at wholesale prices. Therefore, they can offer these products and/or services to consumers and negotiate trades/exchanges wherbey they accept usury-based, debt money for the wholesale portion of the sale and any usuryfree community currency for the retail mark-up portion of the sale.
This concept is very empowering indeed, for active, SDI entrepreneurs can learn to be good networkers who not only offer a business opportunity with a low, up-front investment, but also, they can offer an empowering, re-educational process that will teach new enrolees how to legally avoid taxes and evade usury. The larger our loyal databases, the more products and/or services that we can "offer" and "request" - thereby being the catalyst for promoting trading or bartering within our ever-expanding networks. This will help to usher in the new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth.
Active and astute SDI entrepreneurs predict that the home office of a young, recently-birthed, SDI corporation will launch its own usuryfree, time token and thereby blaze a new path to prosperity where everyone who chooses to participate will (a) be permitted to purchase products and/or services from the SDI corporations by using a portion of the corporate, usuryfree time tokens and a portion  of usury-based, debt money and (b) agree to accept any earned commissions in a portion of the corporate, usuryfree time tokens and a portion of usury-based, debt money. This sort of economic activity will eventually create a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone - and not just s few people who are positioned at the top of a pyramid.
The key question now is: “Which home office of an SDI corporation will be the first to launch its own, loyal, usuryfree, time token project?” Guaranteed, Mitt Romney will not know the answer!
Whichever SDI corporation takes a leadership role in adding this creative feature to its sales and marketing strategy is guaranteed unlimited success for itself and its networks of SDI entrepreneurs. Other SDI corporations will envy the success of the first SDI corporation to implement this creative concept and eventually, they will beat a path to their door and ask: “What are you doing and how are you doing it?”
Yes indeed, astute entrepreneurs in the SDI industry know that how they spend their money is more important than how they vote - so they will not donate any of their hard-earned money to conventional politicians, instead they will be motivated to support the UsuryFree Resolution.

The SDI industry is well-positioned to be the catalyst that will usher in a new age of usuryfree living - in stages, until everyone on planet earth experiences peace, prosperity and abundance. It was Buckminster Fuller who predicted that planet earth could experience “peace and plenty by 2020” - so let’s do it NOW!
NOTE: If you are an active SDI entrepreneur (formerly referred to as an MLM distributor) and you can envision the power and potential of your favoured SDI company (MLM company) taking a leadership role in launching a loyal, usuryfree time token, then you are invited to contact the author of this article for additional information and resources that you can share with (a) your own network or team and (b) the home office SDI corporation that supplies the products and/or services that you have chosen to market. (see contact details below)

Tom J. Kennedy, The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3v1

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