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Overcoming The Principle of Usury-Greed in the SDI Industry

By Tom J. Kennedy

On May 27, 2011, I posted an article titled Usury-Freed Trumps Usury-Greed at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

Now, more and more people are seeking ways to overcome “The Principle of Usury-Greed” as they now understand how the evil and immoral malfunction of “usury” on our orthodox, debt money system is what breeds the “fear factor” in combination with the “greed factor.”

Years ago, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry was identified as the optimal vehicle to expose the problems associated with “usury-greed” since this industry offers common people (debtors) home-based, business opportunities to earn solid sources of secondary income(s) which can be used to pay off debts.There are an abundance of relevant postings at the UsuryFree SDI University.

Those who are not yet familiar with the SDI industry are invited to review this article “Analysis, Projections, Observations and Proposals For The SDI Industry” as it offers a very good backgrounder about the SDI industry.

I have been a student of the SDI industry since March 29, 1979 when I enrolled with the SDI opportunity offered by the Amway corporation. Over the past 32 years, I have witnessed countless SDI companies appear and disappear - in one way or another - victims of the “Principle of Usury-Greed.”

Sometimes, the home office company displayed “usury-greed,” and often it was the leading SDI entrepreneurs who fleeced the newest recruits (enrollees) with their “ghost systems” within their respective pyramidal, marketing plans. Now SDI entrepreneurs can get (a) FREE access to selected mentoring and coaching at the UsuryFree SDI University and (b) PAID access to optimal mentoring and coaching at MNU (Marketing and Networking Unversity).

These “ghost systems” permitted the leading SDI entrepreneurs to earn more money selling compulsory sales tools and resources to a targeted market of distributors in their respective networks/organizations, rather than from selling the products/servcies from the home SDI office company.

As we progress into this 21st Century, I see the SDI industry evolving with the high tech tools of internet marketing. I see potential with some of the newest SDI opportunities that have amazing and unique characteristics in their respective marketing plans.

However, under close scrutiny, within the SDI industry, there is still the potential to exploit the “Principle of Usury-Greed,” unless SDI individuals and teams dare to market the SDI opportunity differently. The good news is that some of the newest SDI marketing plans require active SDI entrepreneurs to ‘directly’ or ‘personally’ enrol (sponsor) a minimum of only two or three people in their network to qualify for commissions in the respective compensation plan. Enrolling two or three people is possible for most SDI entrepreneurs, whether they be veterans or novices.

The “Principle of Usury-Greed” surfaces when leading SDI entrepreneurs focus on those elements of the respective compensation (marketing) plans that laud grandiose earnings. Visions of “big money” engage the selfish “greed factor,” rather than promoting the co-operative concept of optimally serving our fellow-man.

Historically, the free enterprise system (of which the SDI profession is a part) became popular because highly motivated SDI entrepreneurs with competent sales and marketing skills were lauded for their ability to earn and flaunt big incomes.

It is noteworthy that the SDI profession has a darkened history of very high attrition because most new recruits have little or no sales experience. Instead, they have been conditioned by formal education and otherwise, to be subservient to the ‘system’ - pay their monthly usury and taxes - and settle for an “employee mentality” whereby the ‘boss’ tells them what to do when they show up for work each day.

Recently, four concepts have been introduced to the SDI industry that are making a difference by promoting a co-operative model that works for the mutual benefit for all who choose to participate.

Awakened SDI teams or networks are finding success by: (1) paying it forward and (2) offering short-term, usuryfree loans for the business start-up (3) gifting prospects to those newest SDI entrepreneurs enrolled with you (4) re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach

Allow me to explain each of these four concepts in more detail.

1. Paying It Forward - In these stressful economic times, many prospective SDI entrepreneurs may recognize the power and potential of any new or seasoned SDI opportunity, however, too often they do not have sufficient, available cash to pay the initial start up fees. The workable and proven solution is for the already-enrolled SDI entrepreneur to offer to “pay-it-forward” for the newest SDI prospect and then teach them to do likewise.

2. Offering short-term, usuryfree loans for the business start-up - This concept naturally follows the “paying-it-forward” concept. These short-term, usuryfree loans can be offered with oral or written contracts. The recommended condition is that the newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs repay the short-term, usuryfree loan within a given time period - usually as soon as they earn their first commission.

3. Gifting prospects to those newest SDI entrepreneurs enrolled with you - When the “team or network” with a co-operative spirit implements this concept, they are truly living beyond the “Principle of Usury-Greed.” This idea is foreign to most conventional SDI entrepreneurs, for they have unknowingly been caught up in the invisible twin factors of “greed and fear” that are a normal function of the scarcity and lack that dominate our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money. In summary, the idea is for active SDI entrepreneurs to gift a prospective SDI entrepreneur to the newest recruit on your team or network. This motivates the SDI entrepreneur to become active and s/he will be motivated to multiple and duplicate your efforts - making the co-operative team much stronger while surrendering the "principle of usury-greed."

4. Re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach - This is perhaps the most significant concept that is common to the SDI teams/networks promoting the co-operative model. With newly acquired knowledge, the SDI entrepreneurs who are actively participating with these SDI teams/networks have a better understanding of the root causes of the “Principle of Usury-Greed” in the SDI industry and/or otherwise. Therefore, they willingly surrender the selfish pursuit of the ever-elusive ‘big money” in favour of the whole team enjoying sufficient prosperity and abundance while being re-educated to make this world a better place.The UsuryFree Eye Opener offers an abundance of information and resources for the re-education of those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.

Our network of dedicated usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are ready and willing to initiate a grassroots idea to optimally serve our newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs while overcoming the principle of usury greed.

The plan is to select a couple of timely SDI opportunities and help qualify any newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs so that they will receive all streams of income(s) otherwise referred to as commissions. By focusing on the above-listed four concepts, we will not coerce, but we will encourage all new enrollees to willingly participate so that our SDI network becomes known for “serving others” with the intention of mutual benefit of prosperity and abundance for individuals and the collective. Multiplication and duplication of our efforts will be the key to our co-operative success.

Readers are invited to read and/or re-read the article titled: “Networking Solutions and Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury” - and explore one or both of the SDI opportuntiies listed near the end of the article.

Comments and feedback and/or questions warmly welcomed. Send an email to: with “Overcoming Usury-Greed” in the Subject line.

NOTE: As of November 2014, the optimal SDI opportunity to add to one's SDI Portfolio in the MNU (Marketing and Networking University) opportunity. Read more in these two articles:             
"Introducing MNU - Marketing and Networking University - The Optimal SDI Opportunity."

2.  "Beau Buckley, A True SDI Entrepreneur Writes About The SDI Industry and MNU"

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Choosing Complementary Health and Wellness Professionals 101

By Tom J. Kennedy

Why now? Because we are not healthy. The bad news is that statistics demonstrate that there will be 153,100 new cases of cancer and 70,400 will die of cancer in 2011. Additionally, 40% of all Canadians will experience cancer at least once in this lifetime. And a little known fact is that prescription medications are killing more people than ever before.

The good news is that more and more consumers are making a conscious decision to purchase organic foods, thereby taking the first step towards improving their health and wellness scores. The only statistics that I could find indicate that over $14 billion dollars were spent on organic foods in North America in 2005. This shift towards consuming organic foods is ever-increasing since 2005, and this shift is absolutely consumer-driven and not corporation-driven.

Additionally, there are more and more home-based businesses in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry that are offering a higher quality food and nutrition products along with personalized service - both are much appreciated as the giant trans-national food retailers are not likely to offer such.

Professionals commonly work with clients who are seeking health and wellness by initiating unconventional methods not offered by mainstream medical authorities. Some of these health and wellness professionals are content with the title 'light workers,' while others prefer to be known as complementary health and wellness 'practitioners' working in and with the light energy.

Yet, others doing this work prefer that the work they do simply be known as an 'ancient healing art' that facilitates the body to heal itself. No matter who the lightworker, the practitioner or the healing facilitator, the intent is to assist in the mutual quest for optimal health and wellness.

Why are we not healthy? We are not healthy because of what we eat and drink and because too many of us are dwelling on the emotion of fear instead of focusing on the emotion of love. The media bombards us with fear-based news and consequently our thoughts are negative and/or focused on these fear-based beliefs that may very well have a hidden agenda of subservience, control and total dominance. The air we breathe is full of toxins - including toxins from chemtrails.

Too few of us exercise on a regular basis. Our energies are unbalanced, our breathing is too shallow, we drink an insufficient amount of water, our bodies are too acidic because our common North American diet is highly acidic, low in nutrients and high in toxins.

We have little time to relax as we are working at our roles and duties too many hours and driving too far to our workplace as we toil to earn the money to pay the usury on debt and the taxes on our labour as well as on products and/or services that we purchase. (We really need to take time to review the resources that various researchers have produced so that we can understand how we are being scammed on the issues of 'usury and taxes.')

What are these toxins? They are the poisons that impair the healthy functioning of the physical body. Many chemicals are directly added to our processed foods by the giant food processing corporations such as preservatives, texturizers, moisture protectors, bleaching agents, colouring agents and more.

Other chemicals are referred to as indirect additives. Thousands of chemicals are used in packaging and these migrate to the food. The chemicals that farmers use on crops as pest control or to accelerate plant growth end up in the food we consume. The growth hormones used in animal feed along with the array of plant and animal growth regulators and environmental contaminants all end up in our food supply.

Toxins are also produced in our bodies by fungi and other parasites. Mycotoxins, and aflatoxins are highly carcinogenic toxins. Heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers, and other synthetic chemicals enter our bodies with food, drinks, cleaning supplies, pesticides, herbicides, etc. in our homes and/or in our workplaces. These toxins shut down our hormones, destroy live enzymes, destroy or mutate our cells, impair our immune system, promote the growth of parasites and misbalance the body so that sickness and disease afflict us.

Additionally, our negative thoughts and fear-based emotions create an imbalance and our physical body deteriorates from its natural rhythms. Elements of stress, anxiety and mental and physical pain must be acknowledged and addressed.

The choice is 'Detoxify or Die Early.' What do you choose? If you choose to detoxify, you must then choose to consult with one of more lightworkers, practitioners or healing facilitators who will focus on various therapies to awaken the healing process. Are you choosing a lightworker or practitioner of healing facilitator for treatment of disease or for prevention of disease?

If you want to treat more than the symptoms of disease then you must consider how you can initiate and maintain healing through the elimination of toxins from the body while continually boosting your immune system and altering your attitude so that you are focused on positive thoughts within the context of the love-based emotion.

How do you do this? Consider such prevention/treatment modalities as: toxicity testing, total body detoxification, weight control, pain control, stress management, hydrotherapy, colon therapy, bioelectric therapy, chelation therapy, metabolic therapy, antineoplaston therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, homeopathy, vitamin therapy, nutritional therapy, juice therapy, unique herbal therapies, colour therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, rebounding, and whatever other therapies that may now be available.

Indeed, if you are aware of how toxins affect your health and you wish to eliminate these toxins from your body you may want or need to select a lightworker, a healing facilitator and/or a health and wellness practitioner - or any combination of these - who will treat any illness or disease and not just the symptoms.

The selection of a these professionals may very well be one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the future of your health and well-being. When chosen properly, these partnerships can extend your health and wellness while avoiding sickness and disease.

The professionals whom you choose will likely become part of the inner circle of your family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues or business associates as you will no doubt share your newly found optimal health and wellness experiences with these people, some of whom will be ready and willing to pursue optimal health and wellness.

Remember, whether a lightworker, a health and wellness practitioner, or a healing facilitator, they are only one half of the partnership equation - the other half is your own discipline in your self-imposed role of seeking optimal health and wellness.

How do you know whom you should choose? There are an abundance of professionals working within the health and wellness industry, so where do you start? Let's explore some tangible and intangible considerations to enable you to make an informed decision.

Since you are seeking optimal health and wellness, the last thing that either you or a health and wellness professional want is a partnership that does not facilitate the body to heal itself. As a typical client you are awakening to the reality of detoxifying the physical body and establishing mental clarity and the likely outcome is improved physical health and spiritual growth. Taking time out of a busy schedule is a challenge as most people are working long hours to earn sufficient money to pay the usury of their debts and the taxes on the products and/or services that they consume.

Any additional financial costs of achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness may be a consideration. This is because the cost of many natural or alternative therapies are not covered by the sickness and disease plans that pay for pharmaceutical drugs. In this regard, seek a health and wellness professional who is ready and willing to enrol with a local currency group and accept a portion of any fee in a usuryfree community currency.

Health and wellness professionals are facing ever-increasing regulations and similar time demands as they seek to operate their practices for profit. For these and various others reasons, it is very important for both parties to take time to ensure that they will fit together in the optimal working health and wellness partnership.

Before you ever set up an initial consultation with your chosen health and wellness professionals you should review your eating/drinking habits and resolve to change any known bad habits. You need to be honest with yourself about your commitment to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Your health and wellness professionals will offer you solutions (services and/or products), but you must be ready and willing to discipline yourself to obtain the results that you are seeking.

So what kind of partnership are you looking for? Be specific. Are you seeking treatment for symptoms or are you seeking health and wellness professionals who will assist you and guide you to a better understanding of the root cause of any sickness or disease? Are you seeking guidance in better food choices? Do you need a health and wellness practitioner who is willing to work with other health and wellness professionals whom you have already selected to be on your team?

These are a few of the many questions to consider.

Spend some time thinking about your physical history and your life experiences. What is the current status of your health and wellness? Have you endured sickness and disease? To what extent? What kinds of foods and drinks do you consume on a regular basis? Living the optimal health and wellness experience is a personal choice - how much discipline are you willing to impose upon yourself to achieve the results you seek?

Know why you are seeking professional health and wellness advice and know your characteristics and level of discipline and related behaviours as a health and wellness advocate. Know that if you are experiencing sickness and disease, you will need an abundance of guidance and re-education.

Other questions to consider. Are you looking for someone to take over the total responsibility for your health and wellness? You willing participation is of the utmost importance. Will you trust the advice of the health and wellness professional or will you need to do your own research?

Are you looking for the lowest cost solution to your health and wellness? How often will you commit to meet with your health and wellness professionals? Be sure to ponder the answers to these questions before you make your final choices of health and wellness professionals.

What about the health and wellness professionals? Review their qualifications to determine their level of competence and expertise. Check for the necessary professional designations. Ask to see any papers of certification. Find out about their background. Visit their work environment. Interview the health and wellness professional about their practice.

Discuss with them how they established their business and who were their mentors. Ask for testimonials of their clients. Closely examine their fee schedule and request details of methods of payment. Ask if they work as part of a team of health and wellness professionals or do they work alone? What vision do they have for their practice? Listen for the types of questions that the health and wellness professional asks you.

You must recognize that health and wellness is becoming a popular business and you need to know where you fit in your health and wellness professional's business. Find out how many clients the health and wellness professional works with. Will you be a 'priority'? How often will you agree to meet? Do you expect to be contacted by your health and wellness professional. What are the expectations of ongoing service?

Once you have closely examined your own needs and motivation for optimal health and wellness, you can compare them against any information gained from your prospective health and wellness professional to see if your interest are truly aligned. Here it comes full circle. What type of partnership are you looking for? Weigh the facts, examine the health and wellness professional's experience, qualifications, service and philosophy and their willingness to participate in the usuryfree community currency movement. Then trust your instincts.

Seek Complementary Health and Wellness Professionals who willingly accept usuryfree community currency. Health and Wellness Professionals in rural eastern Ontario and Western Quebec have accepted these usuryfree community currencies: Tamworth Hours (Tamworth area), BLOG Dollars (Belleville area), Unity Dollars (Madawaska Valley area), Our Community Dollars (Cambridge area), NDG Bucks (Montreal area), Calgary Dollars (Calgary area), Canadian Tire Money (anywhere in Canada), and Kennedy Hours (wherever Tom Kennedy is)...

The reason that these Health and Wellness Professionals can readily accept these usuryfree community currencies is that there are numerous SDI entrepreneurs in the local networks who are willing to accept a portion of any usuryfree community currency in exchange for products and/or services. For example, one SDI entrepreneur accepts a portion of any usuryfree community currency for partial payment of orders of organic foods and/or chemical-free, cleaning products.

Let’s build an ever-expanding database of these Health and Wellness Professionals who will accept a portion of usuryfree community currency in exchange for products and/or services offered. Forward the contact details of these Health and Wellness Professionals to: The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1 Email:

Any Health and Wellness Professionals who are willing to accept any usuryfree community currency as partial payment for any products and/or services are invited to directly contact The UsuryFree Network and get listed in our growing Directory of participants who advocate shopping within our own loyal networks.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Working From Number One

By Tom J. Kennedy

According to Dzogchen Master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, a Tibetan teacher and author of Dzogchen Teachings our society is like numbers. Among his many teachings, this Tibetan teacher emphasizes the importance of "working from number one."

I will apply his teaching to my real-life experience whereby I have been advocating the usuryfree lifestyle as the optimal way of living as we progress into this 21st Century.

For example, when we count we always begin at number one. In regards to society, this Tibetan Master invites us to consider ourselves as number one. I, therefore acknowledge that all who live in society come from that place.

It follows that when and where there is number one, there are also many other numbers. As number one, it is essential that we understand our problems and limitations as well as our talents, skills and potential. As we free ourselves of our limitations we will have more effect on number one and therefore on society.

For example, way back in the early 1980's, when I first learned about the design flaw of usury and how it directly and/or indirectly causes violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack, I began explaining the details to family, friends, neighbours, teaching colleagues and business associates.

Though it seemed that few were willing to be re-educated about the evils of usury and its potential to cause the ever-present shortage of money, more and more people have become interested in sharing the research over the years. I now recognize that since I was "number one" there are now many more "number ones."

As we move beyond 2011, the numbers are growing. During the latter half of the 20th Century, few people believed that the experience of usuryfree living could become a reality during this incarnation. Now, as we approach 2012, many people know about usury and how it causes the growth of debt.

Now many people know that banks never create the interest or usury portion of any loan or mortgage. Now many people know that banks issue brand new money every time a borrower signs a promissory note to become an enslaved debtor.

In summary, more and more people are now "ready and willing" to be re-educated about the problems associated with "living with usury" and the solutions as offered by "living usuryfree."

In this simple example, I consider myself as number one and in this life's journey I am witnessing and experiencing the reality of usuryfree living through my ongoing interactions with those loyal usuryfree creatives who are participating as traders within the usuryfree community currency movement.

Since I am number one, there is the possibility and probability to continue facilitating the evolution towards usuryfree living with knowledge and understanding gained from the various resources that are now being produced by active usuryfree creatives who likewise see themselves as number one. An example of a popular resource is the DVD "Money As Debt" created by Paul Grignon. (To purchase your copy forward an email to: with "Money As Debt" in the Subject line.)

Ultimately, if we intend the experience of usuryfree living to become a reality for everyone in this world, we must continue to "work from number one." When countless "number ones" are networking and developing in this way, then we hasten the evolution of the reality of usuryfree living for everyone on this planet.

At this time, when our pyramidal infrastructures are crumbling from within, I don't have much faith in the problems of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack being solved by the few people who control economics, politics and world power from the tops of their respective pyramids.

I do however, have much faith in networking with expanding numbers of "number ones" at the grassroots of society. The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry offers opportunities within unique pyramidal infrastructures where everyone who chooses to participate wins.

Frankly, it is very important that as practising usuryfree creatives and/or becoming usuryfree creatives on the path towards usuryfree living, we realize the significance of "working from number one" as an active SDI entrepreneur.

In reality, becoming a usuryfree creative means aspiring to live a usuryfree lifestyle as "number one" in a loyal community of many other "number ones."

Leadership For UsuryFree Creatives - Who Double as SDI Entrepreneurs

By Tom J. Kennedy

Most usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are aware that the common denominator of successful leadership is learning how to apply the concept of effective goal setting in an rigged economic system of usury-based, debt money.

Indeed, the greatest challenge facing these entrepreneurial usuryfree creatives is to achieve the ultimate goal of usuryfree living in an economic world where the  killer machine of usury is still the dominant conrtol mechanism keeping debtors  subservient to their respective creditors for generation after generation.

Committed usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs have goals that are intertwined within three overlapping circles that create a Venn diagram: (A) Circle of Awareness (B) Circle of Influence and (C) Circle of Intent with Action.

The overlapping or intersection of the three circles symbolically represents the successful, SDI entrepreneur who learns how to effectively blend the optimal elements from the three circles listed above.

Our Circle of Awareness constantly expands to encompass everything that we are learning from our self-imposed process of re-education. Issues that constantly surface in our respective Circles of Awareness are commonly related to conventional and alternative approaches to economics, justice, education, energy, religion, medicine etc.

Usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are either fully informed about the lies, deceits and deceptions that are being exposed or are ready and willing to learn what formal education neglects to teach.

Though it is important for usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs to know of the issues that we become aware of in our respective Circle of Awareness, experience teaches us that we have little ability to control or effect change within the various, conventional heirarchies. However, with newly acquired knowledge, it is possible for these usuryfree creatives to make a difference by focusing their goals on the 2nd and 3rd Circles while being re-educated in the Circle of Awareness.

Our second circle - the Circle of Influence - is where action can follow our thoughts so that we can make a difference in our respective local communities. While we may not be able to influence the global banking cartel, we can change the way we spend our money. This simple action indirectly attacks the global banking cartel. Usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are ideally positioned to promote loyalty shopping within our respective Circles of Influence.

This is because SDI entrepreneurs can access quality products at wholesale prices and thereby re-sell them to customers and accept partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency for negotiated exchanges. This action introduces customers to both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry.

Usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs can also make food choices that support local entrepreneurs rather than spending our shopping dollars of debt money with the giant, trans-national corporations.

Our third Circle of Intent with Action is where usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs can make the greatest impact since our actions on our self-imposed mission follows our intent. By setting reachable goals we can refine our intent based on the accessable resources made available within our Circles of Awareness and Circles of Influence.

For the usuryfree creative who doubles as an SDI entrepreneur, the Circles of Awareness and Circles of Influence both increase in direct proportion to an expanding awareness of the cause of the conventional problems associated with wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack and a willingness to explore solution-oriented concepts that foster the experience of usuryfree living.

It is essential to remember that action follows intent, and intent follows thought, and thought is provoked or triggered with new information that challenges what formal education teaches.

Usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are commonly dedicated to setting goals to re-educate themselves on issues that formal education neglects to teach. This enables them to establish their intent and thereafter take action to influence other debtors to strive to achieve a usuryfree lifestyle.

Certainly, launching an SDI enterprise increases the possibility for any usuryfree creative (or becoming usuryfree creative) to experience a usuryfree lifestyle. Ultimately, an SDI Portfolio where SDI entrepreneurs earn income(s) from more than one source will become the norm as we progress into this 21st Century.

All debtors are cordially invited to become usuryfree creatives and learn how to intertwine their respective, personal goals within the three circles that create the Venn diagram as described above.

Readers who are ready now to create an SDI Portfolio are invited to forward an email to: with “SDI Portfolio” in the Subject line and we will share details of some possibilities.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Integration Within the SDI Industry and the Third Market Network

By Tom J. Kennedy

The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is formerly known as the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing industry or the Network Marketing industry. The Third Market Network is that growing network of consumers who are choosing to do business locally - with small to medium-sized retail merchants and/or with home-based enterprises whereby the business owners are open to negotiating trades/exchanges by using any usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash.

The First Market is commonly referred to as that conventional market where consumers flock to the giant retail corporations with the hopes of saving some money. The Second Market which is commonly referred to as the “underground market” or the “black market” is the biggest market in these modern times – though all levels of government deny this. Historically, the growth of the Second Market has been proportional to the increase in these two monthly payments – usury and taxes.

The Third Market is the market of choice for more and more awakening consumers who are re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach. People who identify with the Third Market are proud to be a part of the Third Market Network where they are learning much about the lies, deceit and deception that has been foisted upon them during the 20th Century. Most importantly, they are learning that they can create and spend their own money for FREE instead of using the bankers’ money and paying them a fee that is commonly referred to as ‘interest’ BUT which ought to be correctly identified as ‘usury.’

The Third Market Network is focusing on creating a database of the 1.3+ million SDI entrepreneurs who are operating home-based enterprises. To build this Third Market Network we must be open-minded and be willing to integrate ‘vertically’ and ‘horizontally’ with all SDI entrepreneurs regardless of which SDI company supplies the products and/or services. Consequently, let us focus on ‘re-educating’ the consumers on why the way they spend their money is more important than how they vote in this 21st Century and thereby permit the free market to operate and as awakening consumers make better choices as they grow in knowledge and wisdom. Let’s honour their choices as awakening consumers instead of making judgements and/or coercing them to choose one SDI company’s product line over another.

The secret to the success of the SDI entrepreneurs growing the Third Market Network in this 21st Century, will be knowledge, awareness and implementation of ‘vertical and horizontal integration.’ The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘integration’ as the completion of an imperfect thing by the addition of parts or components. The Third Market Network recognizes the significance of ‘vertical and horizontal integration’ within the SDI industry and seeks to blend the best of both to create fast-growth towards the reality of ‘usuryfree’ living.

‘Vertical integration’ is often lauded as a respected quality of SDI (Self Directed Income) companies which manufacture their own product lines as it provides several advantages over those companies that do not oversee every aspect of business from growing the raw ingredients to packaging the end products. Those SDI companies which excel in the area of ‘vertical integration’ can not only guarantee the high quality of their products but they can also minimize distribution and manufacturing costs thereby keeping competitive prices while paying their networkers optimal profits.

While the Third Market Network welcomes SDI entrepreneurs from any duly recognized SDI company, its discerning networkers who double as usuryfree creatives will quickly become astute prosumers, thereby negotiating trades/exchanges with those like-minded SDI entrepreneurs whose product guarantees are honoured. No doubt, the most popular SDI companies will quickly become aware of the importance of ‘vertical integration.’

‘Horizontal integration’ is historically defined as referring to firms/companies engaging in similar stages or types of manufacturing and/or distribution. Within the Third Market Network ‘horizontal integration’ will be optimized by those SDI entrepreneurs who learn how to access within their ever-expanding loyal databases almost every product and/or service needed/wanted for personal, family and/or business use.

Learning how to build a unique SDI Portfolio that provides multiple streams of income is the unique challenge of the 21st Century this can only be achieved through honesty, integrity and closed with a handshake. No longer will SDI home offices be positioned to terminate distributorships because and SDI entrepreneur has created a paper trail of earning from more than one source because no longer will creative SDI entrepreneurs choose to sign papers when they care told to press hard, as five copies are required by the home office.

For example, if I am registered with SDI company A as a Marketing Executive I will have access to their many lines of products at ‘preferred customer’ or ‘wholesale’ prices. If I approach another SDI entrepreneur listed on the Third Market Network database who offers products from SDI company B, I may choose to negotiate a buy/sell arrangement with his/her to trade/exchange selected products using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

We can negotiate these trades/exchanges and close them with a handshake and use federal cash and/or usuryfree community currency to honour any required payments. No longer will we fear reprimands from the home office police of the respective SDI companies which still seek to control us even though we identify ourselves as authentic SDI entrepreneurs.

Frankly, I promote the 10% ‘gifting’ concept whereby I will gift 10% of any sale to the individual who makes the referral. If we all did this is would create an incredible exchange energy that would breed abundance and prosperity and the ‘system’ would not be able to track and tax our prosperity – especially if we do the majority of it with a combination of federal cash and usuryfree community currency.

For more information contact: The Third Market Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1G 3V1  Tel: 1.613.824.1793  Email:

Message to Leading SDI Entrepreneurs

I am motivated to share this detailed communication with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs because I view them as potential .001 percenters. Who are SDI SDI entrepreneurs? SDI entrepreneurs are otherwise or formerly known as multi-level marketing distributors or network marketing or referral marketing associates. I prefer the term “SDI entrepreneurs” as it leaves behind the negative energy associated with the multi-level marketing and network marketing industry in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Who are .001 percenters? They are that tiny minority of fellow-citizens who are awakening to what is really going on in the local, national and global circles of usury-based debt-money, energy, religion, sickness and disease, raw power and political greed, as well as what is going on in the usuryfree community currency movement, alternative energy, health and wellness, community re-building and spirituality. I see leading SDI entrepreneurs as potential “usuryfree creatives” thereby deserving to be referred to as .001 percenters.

Usuryfree creatives are those re-educated fellow-citizens who are now advocating usuryfree living as the preferred lifestyle of this 21st Century. They are creating their own loyal database of traders/barterers who are committed to spending their money
differently by making a commitment to shop with home-based businesses and small to medium-sized community businesses. Using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash when negotiating trades is a definite trademark of any usuryfree creative.

I highly recommend that SDI entrepreneurs view the DVD set entitled ‘Money As Debt I & II’ (search for it at google video) and the DVD ‘Money: Who Creates It, Who Controls It’ so that they will understand the evil of the design flaw of usury and the power and potential of usuryfree living and how it has the potential to create peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on this planet. Leading SDI entrepreneurs are potentially key personalities to aid in the building of this new database of usuryfree creatives.

I have agreed to commit to changing the way I spend my money for the next 13 months, and my first step in that direction is to commit to purchasing a minimum monthly purchase of $200. (Canadian Funds) from selected SDI companies. When open-minded and co-operative leaders emerge in our respective SDI Networks, then all who participate will reap the benefits of mutual co-operation each month. As this happens, we will be grateful and we will spend any extra earnings promoting and advancing the cause of usuryfree living for the mutual benefit of everyone on planet earth.

Please, share whatever research turns up about any optimal product lines as offered by various SDI companies as we seek to promote the best options of quality products and/or services for our loyal networks.

I visualize SDI networks as a way to grow the database of usuryfree creatives which is currently being crafted in various local communities so that participants can purchase products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs and/or from local small to medium-sized retail businesses by using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

I have been promoting this idea of we-the-consumers making a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal database since early in 2000. Many people have said it is a worthy goal BUT to my knowledge, absolutely no one in a leadership capacity within the SDI industry has come forth to support and implement the idea as of this current date.

Some of my friends and associates within the various SDI infrastructures have had some discussions to consider the idea of supporting our own loyal database but no definitive action has been taken. In the meantime, various communities have commenced to build the local databases of participating traders with the Serenity Dollar, the Unity Dollar, the Calgary Dollar, the Ithaca Hour and the Tamworth Hour etc. Hopefully, others from the usuryfree community currency movement will join with entrepreneurs from the SDI industry and our own loyal database will begin to take shape in 2011.

No matter which SDI companies we choose to support, we are in the ‘people’ business and the ‘product’ business is secondary to this primary motive. It’s all about building partnerships with people who are willing and ready to share experiences and learn from each other.

In fact, before I register with any SDI Team to become a ‘preferred customer’ I intend to seek a commitment from the leadership of that SDI network that they are ready and willing to learn about and promote the concept of usuryfree living and how they can implement any usuryfree community currency to promote and expand their SDI enterprise(s).

A membership within any participating group offers one many benefits. One benefit will be to re-build our respective local communities by spending our money with local entrepreneurs. Another potential benefit is to become a follower of the blog - the UsuryFree Eye Opener. Yet another benefit will be discounted admissions to various meetings and workshops.

Our willing supporters – the true .001 percenters – recognize that we are currently entering a significant transition time. During this transition time we must earn some federal cash to complement our usuryfree community currency because we cannot yet acquire all of our personal, family and business needs solely with a usuryfree community currency.

You, who have earned your degree as a true .001 percenter, know that the debt increases exponentially because of 'interest' which ought to be correctly called 'usury.' And it is also correct that when 'usury' is eliminated from the money equation there will be abundance, peace and plenty for everyone on this planet. If you have not yet visited the UsuryFree Network, I am inviting you to read some of the information posted there.

We, who understand that the design flaw of 'usury' is the killer machine that is the key cause of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack are indeed true .001 percenters. Those who do not yet understand are the 99.999 percenters. It has been determined by mathematicians that we need to awaken only 3% of the population to the 'truth' about 'usuryfree economics' and this will create the critical mass needed to 're-educate' the masses at a very rapid rate.

I envision this happening within the next two to five years but we – the ‘usuryfree creatives’ must take a leadership role now to make things happen. That’s what I am doing.

I see absolutely no point in dismissing any SDI company’s products as too expensive during these transitory times. We the .001 percenters, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ need to walk in and out of as many circles’ of people as possible. To bad-mouth or dismiss one SDI company’s products as too expensive and keep buying the cheaper products from the giant retail stores will only ensure the same result that we have been experiencing for far too long. We need to unite and do it NOW!

Our self-imposed mission is to re-educate as many  'usury keepers' as possible in the quickest time possible. Those who will choose to NOT to truly understand what 'usury' really does to our orthodox system of money will soon reveal themselves regardless of which SDI infrastructure they are associated with.

I am choosing to invest my time with awakening individuals who are just now learning that banks do NOT lend out depositors' funds. Indeed, more and more people are ready and willing to listen to committed .001 percenters who have an abundance of relevant resources to share.

If I had not been open to walking in various SDI circles in Montreal, Ottawa. Toronto and elsewhere, I would not have been able to influence some selected SDI leaders to awaken to the ‘truth’ about ‘usury.’ More significant, is the fact that these SDI leaders are now realizing that their respective SDI networks have many talented individuals with skills and/or services and/or products other than the products offered by their respective SDI product supplier.

They are realizing the advantage of having everyone in their respective SDI networks listed on a common database, whereby everyone is encouraged to spend their money within this database when purchasing products and/or services, thereby creating a different result. Currently, we are seeking to enroll individuals in one or more of the active databases and offering them a FREE listing in a forthcoming directory which could be printed and/or online.

We are teaching people how to create and spend their own 'usuryfree' community currency. I have made a decision to invest my time with individuals who are open and out-of-the-box thinkers who are willing to spend their money differently in 2011 and beyond. I choose to not argue/debate with 'usury keepers' who are intent on defending a wrong that must be corrected.

We are seeking to network with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are enrolled with ethical and leading SDI companies whereby we teach people the importance of spending their money differently. That is to say, instead of continuing to spend money with giant retailers, big box stores and large franchises we teach people to shop within our own loyal database of home-based businesses and small to medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities.

Our long term mission is to connect every home-based and small to medium-sized business in Canada and the United States (and eventually the world) into one large database where we can create and spend our own usuryfree community currency – which will likely be a ‘time currency.’ This database could be referred to as the Third Market Network.

I have openly supported the concept of SDI entrepreneurs building an SDI Portfolio whereby, each individual is earning income from multiple sources. I maintain that as SDI entrepreneurs we have the right to purchase and operate a distributorship with more than one SDI company. Likewise, we have the right to network selected products from any SDI company for partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency within our circles of influence – family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues.

Alternatively, we can negotiate purchases of products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs rather than enrolling as an active distributor for that particular SDI company. We can initiate inter-trading of products and/or services. It is important to understand that when we negotiate any trade or exchange, we should request federal cash to cover any wholesale costs. The retail mark-up of the negotiated sale of any product can be accepted in any usuryfree community currency.

For example, if I purchase a product at a wholesale cost of $60.00 and it retails for a price of $100.00 I can accept $60.00 federal cash and $40.00 of any usuryfree community currency when I sell the product to someone on our own loyal database. Obviously, the more SDI companies that we welcome to be on our database, the more powerful our database becomes.

Understand also that during these transitory times, eco-friendly products are becoming popular and this is a first step in the right direction. For example, I put a spoonful of a conventional dishwasher detergent in some aluminum foil and squeezed it tightly and left it on the counter. Within 5 minutes, the foil was making noise and emitting smells and gases.

This simple demonstration shows the chemical being released from the conventional dishwasher detergent. A similar demonstration of a selected eco-friendly dishwasher detergent emitted no chemicals, no odours, and no gases. This simple demonstration was sufficient to have three friends make a decision to purchase the eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.

My point is that these friends still purchase pharmaceutical vitamins etc. and yet they have decided to change the way they spend their money for dishwashing detergent. By winning them over as customers of eco-friendly cleaning products, I will now have an opportunity to share more information with them as they seem ready to be re-educated.

If I had dismissed the eco-friendly SDI company as no better than the corporate products on the shelves of the giant retail stores and/or the big box stores or the big franchises, then I would have missed this small opportunity. I am of the opinion that the current lines of eco-friendly products are not perfect BUT they are a step in the right direction.

Amway is one of the key pioneering SDI companies. An SDI company started this year may indeed be a new SDI opportunity. There are many SDI companies that are somewhere in between and, any of these companies may choose to play a significant role during these transitory times. Each SDI company has many products that are different from other SDI products products. Every time an individual buys a products from an SDI company, a number of participating individuals within the respective SDI infrastructure get paid a commission. The SDI marketing model is perfect for motivating consumers to spend their money differently.

On of my friends who understands the potential of bartering/trading with any usuryfree community currency filed for bankruptcy in June 2002. He and his wife started their SDI enterprise in July 2002 and shortly thereafter, they are earning $3000+ every month and their income is rising very fast now as they have a solid foundation of repeat customers
buying products every month.

Such financial achievement is noteworthy and respected by myself and other ‘usuryfree creatives.’ We know that we can share our acquired knowledge with others and promote selected SDI products within our own loyal database and earn some federal cash and some usuryfree community currency at the same time.

I fully expect one or more SDI companies to emerge in the not-too-distant future that will be embrace the concept of ‘usuryfree’ living and make a usuryfree community currency a part of their infrastructure from their initial launch. This will make them more popular than existing SDI companies unless these existing SDI companies incorporate the idea of a usuryfree community currency within their already existing infrastructure.

Who knows? Anything is possible!! I welcome your feedback and constructive critical comments.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
AND 'Let’s celebrate usuryfree heaven in 2011’

Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tom J. Kennedy'

Four Things You Can Do To Control Your Destiny In 2011 And Beyond

By Tom J. Kennedy

1. Research the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry with a goal to enroll as an SDI entrepreneur and create your own SDI Portfolio.

2. Establish a part-time, home-based, SDI enterprise

3. Network with local currency groups and agree to accept community currency as partial payment for any negotiated sales of products and/or services offered by your SDI enterprise.

4. Take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery for federal political parties that is available for anyone who files an income tax form in Canada.

Indeed, if you are seeking to lead a balanced life on your own ‘economic lifeboat’ in 2011 and beyond, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action on the four above-mentioned suggestions.

Whether you are an employee, a salaried professional, a commissioned salesperson or the owner of a conventional business with employees, you are probably struggling to make ends meet after you pay the monthly usury, taxes and utility bills. You are exceptional if you have any time and/or energy left over to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Based on current events and ongoing statistics your job or business security may be threatened by the shifting economic paradigm as we progress into this 21st Century. Why are you faced with these dilemmas?

The grim reality of the changing marketplace is that there is no longer any loyalty from the employer nor the employee. Either one can quickly become the next victim of our fragile and fickle economic system of usury-based economics.

What To Do?

The optimal strategy is to do your own research on our faltering, orthodox economic system and find out why the majority of your earnings is siphoned off to pay ‘usury on debt’ and ‘multiple forms of taxes.’ It is noteworthy that the greatest tax is ‘income taxes’ and a high percentage of every dollar of ‘income taxes’ goes directly to pay for debt service – which is correctly defined as ‘usury’ on government debt, at all levels, municipal, provincial/state and federal.

As a starting point for your self-imposed process of re-education, it is recommended that you purchase or rent a copy of the recently released DVD entitled ‘Money As Debt.’ Watch this DVD as many times as needed for you to grasp the critical economic concepts that formal education neglected to teach you. Then share the content of this DVD with your family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues and anyone else who is ready and willing to be re-educated. These newly enlightened people will become your dedicated team of networkers who will likewise be motivated to control their own destiny in 2007 and beyond.

For full details about how to buy or rent the DVD ‘Money As Debt’ forward an email to with ‘Money As Debt’ in the subject line or telephone:1.888.NOUSURY

The SDI Industry:

Your next area of research is the ever-expanding SDI industry. This industry includes any part-time or full time home-based enterprise that offers consumers products or services or any combination thereof. Basically, any enterprise or portfolio of enterprises where your earnings are self-directed qualifies as a duly identified SDI enterprise. Certainly, any direct sales enterprise including any network marketing, multi-level marketing or referral-based enterprise is correctly defined as an SDI enterprise.

Firstly, you are invited to read the article ‘An Analysis of the SDI Industry’ which is posted at this URL:

Then review and remember these staggering statistics about the SDI industry. There are approximately 20 million SDI entrepreneurs in the United States. Routinely, Canada has about 10% of that number (2 million) since Canada’s population is about 10% of the population of the United States. The SDI industry is currently generating about $32 billion in annual revenue when we include both Canada and the United States.

Newsweek Magazine has published an article explaining that 50% of all households in the United States are operating a home-based enterprise – which fits the definition of an SDI enterprise.

The Small Business Administration Department of the US Federal Government released an Annual Report in 2005 called ‘The Small Business Economy: A Report To The President.’ In this report, it is written: ‘Direct selling has grown more than 91% in the last 10 years and currently enjoys sales of $100 billion worldwide.’ This report also states that these SDI entrepreneurs who operate home-based enterprises work on average 10 hours less each week than those entrepreneurs who own conventional, non-home-based businesses.

Why Is The SDI Industry So Popular?

SDI entrepreneurs are launching their enterprise(s) with minimal investments of money – often less than $100. – while maximizing their investment of time and energy with knowledge learned from competent mentors. Few SDI entrepreneurs have previous business experience when they launch their first enterprise of the SDI Portfolio, yet this low risk industry boasts of ever-increasing earning potential for all who choose to pursue their goals.

The success of SDI entrepreneurs is related to their mentors who share their talents, skills, experiences and resources as well as adapting proven marketing plans for enrolling wholesale customers and serving networks of preferred retail customers.

It is amazing that the SDI industry generates significant revenue – locally and globally – while the mainstream media dismisses this phenomenon as ‘not newsworthy.’ Perhaps this is because little money is spent with the high profile, electronic and print media for conventional advertising.

Instead, the SDI corporations and distributor networks rely on word-of-mouth networking and they find this method of advertising the least expensive and the most effective.

Historically, the SDI industry has excelled on networking to build trusting partnerships that result in expanding sales. This partnership-based model of doing business is destined to grow as more and more astute consumers seek to spend their money within their own loyal networks of family, friends, working colleagues who double as business associates.

Additionally, SDI entrepreneurs qualify for significant deductions based on the cost of doing business and therefore, benefit from tax savings not otherwise available to employees or salaried individuals.

The other appealing element of the SDI industry is that monthly, residual  earnings can be generated from one or more sources as one builds an SDI Portfolio.

When you are ready to explore some worthy SDI opportunities with the intent of choosing the optimal one to start (or add to) your SDI Portfolio forward an email to: with ‘SDI Opportunity’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

The Community Currency Movement:

The third activity that is a natural twin with any SDI enterprise is the growing awareness of accepting any community currency for partial payment of any negotiated sales. The key to maximizing this creative element is to treat any paper notes of community currency as having a value equivalent to paper notes of federal cash.

Any SDI entrepreneur can agree to accept any community currency as a complement with federal cash, but in order to get your products and/or services listed on any database you must enroll or join with an active community currency group or network.

It is common practice for an SDI entrepreneur to request federal cash to cover the wholesale costs of any product or service and agree to accept any community currency for a portion of the retail mark up. The percentage of community currency accepted is at the discretion of the SDI entrepreneur.

To familiarize yourself with the community currency movement, you are invited to view some CDs, DVDS, videos and/or read some books or literature and/or attend a seminar or workshop that explains the many benefits of participating.

To request the latest and best resources and/or to attend a workshop or seminar about the community currency movement, forward an email to: with ‘Community Currency’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.866.NOUSURY.

In spite of the chaotic economic times that are currently being forecasted by the economic experts, you can take control of your destiny and build your own ‘economic lifeboat’ by taking action on the ideas explained in this article. DO IT NOW!!

The ‘Tax Credit’ Machinery:

The fourth tool that is recommended for implementation by SDI entrepreneurs is the ‘tax credit’ machinery that is available for use by anyone filing an  annual income tax form in Canada. The Elections Canada Act supervises the ‘tax credit’ machinery so that the common people who choose to participate in the political process can earn back some money from the federal government.

For example, with a donation of $400. to a duly registered, federal, political party, the donor gets a $300. ‘tax credit’ back from the federal government when the annual income tax form is filed. This percentage of ‘tax credit’ decreases as the donated amount increases.

Historically, less than 1% of those who pay income taxes take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery as offered by the Elections Canada Act. In 2007, let’s increase that percentage significantly.

Active usuryfree creatives are  currently communicating with various duly registered, federal (fringe) political parties seeking one or more that are willing to engage in mutually beneficial political activities.

Hopefully, a leader of a duly registered, federal, political party will come forth and authorize EDAs otherwise known as (Electoral District Associations) and permit them to be as automonous as the Elections Canada Act permits them to be.

Usuryfree creatives can implement this ‘tax credit’ machinery within EDAs to raise funds with a goal to advancing the agenda of monetary reform.  Eventually, our goal is to control our political destiny and implement the necessary laws that will guarantee each of us the experience of usuryfree living and ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020 !!

For details of when and how and which political party to make political donations forward an email to: with ‘Political Donation’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have No Fear of the Word “Pyramid”

By Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

I am responding to occasional emails and/or telephone calls wherein grave concerns are expressed about using the word "pyramid" in relation to the SDI industry.

Though I am personally registered as an SDI entrepreneur in a couple of SDI companies, I also freely share referrals with friends and associates who are registered as SDI entrepreneurs with other SDI companies. And I make a sincere effort to purchase products and/or services that I require for personal and family needs as well as business needs from other SDI entrepreneurs who are offering quality products and/or services different than those offered from my own SDI enterprise(s).

Additionally, I realize that within each household or family that has an active SDI enterprise, each of these family members likely have other talents, skills, products and/or services available for purchase. What is needed is a Directory of “offers” and “requests” that can be shared with all SDI entrepreneurs who enrol with our respective SDI networks.

Buying from each other supports and builds loyalty within our respective SDI networks. Since many of the corporate leaders subtley influence their teams of SDI entrepreneurs to become focused on the one SDI business opportunity, buying products and/or services from other SDI entrepreneurs should be uniformly promoted within the SDI industry.

One of the best ways to promote loyalty shopping within the SDI industry is to encourage each SDI entrepreneur to create his/her personal, usuryfree community currency to be used as a complement with federal cash when trades/exchanges are being negotiated. Readers are invited to do a search for “usuryfree community currency” and learn more about the usuryfree community currency movement.

By applying the above suggestions, it encourage consumers to change their shopping habits away from corporate monopolies to home-based businesses and local community entrepreneurs.

I have been participating in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry (otherwise known as Multi-level marketing, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Relationship Marketing and/or Affiliate Marketing) since I was introduced to this unique sales and marketing industry in 1979.
I will now offer some observations on the whole scenario involving the word "pyramid," and the SDI industry and invite some further typed discussion and/or real-time debate on the issues that I will now address.

The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry of which many companies are a part happens to be a legitimate and honourable business opportunity in Canada, the USA and in many other countries. The federal government and the giant corporations whose CEO's form the "usury" elites which have been controlling society for much too long have been seeking to defame and badmouth the SDI industry for as long as I've been alive. The "usury" elites do not like the SDI industry because it permits the common citizens to earn some money and break away from the yoke of "usury" that was designed to keep us in bondage for our entire lives - for generation after generation.

It's time for we the individual SDI entrepreneurs in co-operation with the corporate SDI companies to STOP cowering and hiding in fear of the federal government or anyone else from the "usury" elites. I have always advocated telling the "truth" and let the chips fall where they may. I'll stand on "truth" any day!!!

Any concern about the word "pyramid" is unnecessary. There is no need to be concerned about telling the "truth"  -  that indeed the shape of any marketing organization in the SDI industry is that of a "pyramid."

No one from any SDI Corporate team nor any Independent SDI entrepreneur ought to be afraid of the word "pyramid" for every orthodox business and institutional structure is built with a pyramid shape. The pyramid shape common to the SDI infrastructure is different and much superior to the traditional pyramid shapes of corporations and institutions. In fact, pyramid shapes in the SDI industry are commonly reversed.

I have been active in the SDI industry since March 29th, 1979 when I signed an Amway application form. I want it to be clear that since that time I have been participating in this industry and I have found it to be the most honourable marketing industry of the 21st Century to be involved with. I am a proud professional, SDI entrepreneur in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry just as others are proud professionals in the conventional retail industry.

My research about "pyramid structured" system of orthodox banking has been intensive indeed. When I talk about exposing "usury" as a design flaw in the banking system of debt money, I can direct readers to the research to back up my claim should anyone ever be interested. 

Also understand that when I criticize the banking industry for its taking of "usury," I am criticizing the world banking elites who know exactly that their "usurious" banking policies have a direct impact on the 40,000 babies and youth that die every day on planet earth because of "scarcity and lack." I am not critical of the employees at the fringe of the banking pyramid as they are common people earning a monthly pay cheque to pay their usury and taxes and hopefully have enough money left to enjoy life.

This is a whole other area of research and I do not wish to go there right now. But do keep in mind that these are the same "usury" elites at the top of the heirarchy (banking pyramid) who with the support of ill-informed politicians, initiate the laws about sales "pyramids" in the direct marketing industry - to create fear within the minds of the common people. Self-motivated researchers are invited to bookmark the UsuryFree Eye Opener and return there frequently to review the articles and learn what formal education neglects to teach.

 Let me clarify the "pyramid structure" of the banking system as I understand it to be. You have the CEO at the top who earns multiple millions. Then you have the Regional Directors, (please correct me if my titles are incorrect) and Regional Managers, Branch Managers and clerks and finally customers.  As you come down the pyramid people earn less money and as you go up the pyramid there is diminishing job opportunity.

I experienced a similar "pyramid structure" in the educational system for 34 years. There is the director (who is paid a pile of money), then superintendents, then consultants, then principals, vice-principals, teachers and finally students and parents - the local property owners whose taxes are levied to pay the teachers’ salaries.

 Likewise, in the traditional educational pyramid people earn less money as you come down the pyramid and there is diminishing job opportunity as you climb the pyramid. I never witnessed a Director of Education reach out to help a teacher and I daresay that you have never seen the CEO of any Commercial Bank reach out to help a clerk. BUT in the SDI industry you will witness people with experience reaching out to help the new enrollees.

One more observation about climbing the educational pyramid. I observed plenty of jealously, and back-stabbing and fear among those who were scrambling to climb the pyramid. I got to watch it all for 34 years as I never had any inclination to climb the educational pyramid.

My research about the SDI industry proves my claim that it is a "worthy pyramid selling venture." I proudly admit that the SDI industry is based on a pyramid structure. In the pyramid structure of the SDI industry "the uniting of efforts multiplies the benefits."

Let me explain further:

Traditionally, CEO's, Department Heads, Sales Managers, Directors of Education etc. who are positioned at or near the top of their respective pyramids in the retail industry and/or in traditional institutions earn their profits from the work of dedicated and loyal people who are positioned at various levels below them. Since these people are strategically positioned at or near the top of a particular pyramid with diminishing opportunity they are unlikely to reach out and help those at the lower levels whose dedication and hard work is directly related to their receiving high salaries. In fact, people often reach their level of incompetence and then defend their right to be there.

Within the relatively new SDI industry, each new recruit is positioned at the top of their own respective pyramid and each person must reach out and help their new enrolees make sales (retail and/or wholesale) before they earn their commissions and expand their pyramidal structure. The action of reaching out to help others demands that one first nourish personal growth from within.

The uniqueness of the SDI industry is the manner in which the "uniting of efforts multiplies the benefits." Unlike traditional pyramidal structures, where there is little or no opportunity for others to move up the pyramid, the SDI industry permits every new recruit the same opportunity to become Manager of his/her own pyramid-shaped structure. While doing so s/he acquires leadership skills by learning how to "unite the efforts of others and thereby multiplying the benefits for all."

In the SDI industry, a motivated new enrolee can often earn more income that the person who sponsored him/her. No traditional "pyramid structure" permits a new person at the fringe to earn more money that the person at the top of the pyramid. After experiencing the SDI industry for 32 years I can honestly say that those operating within traditional "pyramid structures" could learn a few good strategies from leaders in the SDI industry.

During the month of July 2001, myself and Neil Anderson  - a re-directed government employee from Ottawa who had 30 years (part-time) experience in the SDI industry  - worked on a report about the SDI industry so that we could present some information to teach people the truth about this fastest growing sector of local and global marketing.

We finished our report on July 30th and I released it at the conference where I was a guest speaker in Salmon Arm, BC. on August 5th, 2001. The paper is entitled: "Analysis, Projections, Observations and Proposals For The SDI Industry.

In the meantime, I am witnessing many SDI companies moving along and growing very well. Some SDI entrepreneurs voluntarily "gift" me with "usuryfree" community currency for my referrals.

It is interesting to note that the SDI industry invites our up and coming youth generation to work with worthy SDI companies, instead of spending their money with the giant, trans-national, retail corporations.

SDI entrepreneurs earn perfectly legitimate bonuses and commissions within a reasonable marketing structure to fund their education (or otherwise) by simply sharing information about competitive and quality products and/or services. I have been encouraging the youth (and otherwise) to spend their money differently by shopping within the SDI industry.

I do plenty to promote the SDI industry and yet I get a telephone calls and/or emails from SDI corporate leaders and SDI entrepreneurs expressing grave concern about the word "pyramid" as applied to the SDI industry. I have even been threatened with “termination” of an SDI distributorship if I do not comply with their restrictive rules that actually go against the definition of true "free enterprise." How ironic!!

I have often elected to forward my referrals to friends and associates who are active SDI entrepreneurs. During the past 32 years I have witnessed too many friends and associates be ruthlessly terminated by company "A" because they choose to add company "B" to their SDI Portfolio. I openly advocate building an SDI Portfolio to guarantee monthly earnings from more than one source.

Likewise, I encourage people to change their shopping habits and explain that by so doing, they are supporting home-based businesses. Indeed, more and more consumers are ready and willing to change their shopping habits and buy more and more products from home-based businesses and by so doing, the SDI industry expands.

Other relevant articles:

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showing that not much has changed from 'then until now.'

AND read this article about the failings of the "Pyramid of Capitalist System" titled:"Dis-Accumulation on a World Scale: Pillage, Plunder and Wealth"

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